RallyCross National Tour Returns for 2023

Motorsports excitement comes from an elevated level of competition. For this, SCCA®’s National Championship events allow participants to put it all on the line for a single, winner-take-all shootout. A solitary top-tier event per year, though, is rarely enough – drivers often find themselves jonesing for more. That’s why the SCCA RallyCross National Tour returns this year with a pair of events that sandwich the 2023 RallyCross National Championship.

Key to this year’s RallyCross National Tour and National Championship are the locations, which cast a net across the width of the United States.

“RallyCross National Tours cluster competition, enabling experienced RallyCrossers to see how they stack up against other drivers, while also allowing Regional RallyCrossers to try their hand at National events,” said Rick Myers, SCCA’s Director of Rally/Solo. “SCCA’s National Tours have proven to be an excellent place for Regional drivers to test the waters of National competition, with National-level drivers taking the opportunity to dial in their cars against drivers who are the best in the nation.”

Where Are These Events?

The first of these events is the Great Lakes RallyCross Challenge, taking place Sept. 2-3 at Jackson County Fairground in Cottageville, WV. This event’s registration is already open, with an entry price of $100 for SCCA members and $120 for non-members. You’ll want to sign up ahead of time for this one, since on-site registration won’t be available.

The Great Lakes event is followed by the RallyCross National Championship at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka, KS, on Oct. 6-8. Registration for this event is divided into three tiers depending on your status as a National Champion, a multi-year competitor, or someone relatively new to the sport. The RallyCross National Championship’s entry fee is $270, with the event having a 125-person entry cap.

The final event of the 2023 RallyCross National Tour is the Oct. 28-29 Antelope Valley RallyCross National Tour at Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster, CA. Registration is already open for this event, with a price of $67 for SCCA members and $80 for non-members – on-site registration comes with an additional $90 fee. This event’s entry cap is 100.

“Locations for this year’s RallyCross National Tour were selected due to their proximity to passionate RallyCross communities doubled with Regions and venues capable of serving up National-level events,” said Myers. “We’re anticipating seeing not only well attended events, but also tight competition you won’t want to miss.”

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Enough talk, right? It’s time for action. Click the links below for more information on each event.

2023 RallyCross National Tour Schedule

Also, keep up to speed on SCCA RallyCross on SCCA’s RallyCross page.

Photo by Rupert Berrington