Foundation’s Region Development Grant Deadline: Aug. 31

SCCA Regions are constantly working hard to support their members, and while the drive and knowhow is there, oftentimes it’s the funds that are lacking. This is where the Region Development Grant comes in. Through this grant, the SCCA Foundation helps make Region goals achievable by assisting with the financial burden that all too often halts great ideas in their tracks.

Most recently, Philadelphia Region, Northwestern Ohio Region, and Colorado Region all benefited from this particular program.

There are particulars you need to know about the SCCA Foundation Region Development Grant, but the most pressing right now is that the next quarterly deadline is nearing. In order to be considered for the next round of funding, applications must be submitted by Aug. 31.

The Details

The Region Development Grant program supplies Regions with up to $2,500 in assistance and is designed to provide supplemental funding by the SCCA Foundation for qualified programs. An eligible Region program must have an educational or charitable purpose consistent with the mission and purpose of the SCCA.

For example, a Region may need funding for an exhibit space at an auto show to educate the public about teen safe driving and SCCA activities. In addition to or as an alternative to promoting the Tire Rack Street Survival program, there might be educational flyers providing safe driving tips, suggestions for ways parents might help their teens to learn to drive safely, and opportunities to build driving skills at local SCCA events.

In evaluating a grant, the selection committee will give the most attention and focus to projects which meet the following criteria:

  • Educational or charitable purpose.
  • Open to or benefiting the general public and not just Club members.
  • It is innovative or demonstrates need.
  • It is backed by a detailed project management plan that includes a description of the request, a project schedule, and specific project management.
  • The majority of project funding is coming from other sources.

Region Development Grants are not intended to fully fund a Region project. Therefore, Regions should be prepared to indicate in their application the cost of the project, the Region investment in the project, other contribution sources, and the amount needed from the Foundation.

 Grant Details

Apply Today

Approved grant submissions made by the upcoming Aug. 31 deadline will be issued by Nov. 30. Those Regions not ready to apply just yet should keep in mind that the SCCA Foundation Region Development Grant will be issued quarterly, with the following application deadlines:

  • Feb. 28
  • May 31
  • Aug. 31
  • Nov. 30

 Apply Now

Help Support the Foundation

The Region Development Grant program is only possible thanks to generous donations made by SCCA members, Regions, and Divisions. The available number and size of the grants will vary based on fundraising each year. As such, the Foundation asks that Regions and Divisions keep the Foundation in mind as a possible recipient for future charitable events, and that individuals consider supplemental donations in support of the grant program.