Enjoy July Track Night Savings Then Relive it — all with GoPro

GoPro is back, baby! Actually, GoPros have been in racer’s cars this whole time – but the action camera company that started it all has returned to its SCCA® roots, striking up a partnership that’ll allow enthusiasts to record their memories at SCCA Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack events while saving some hard-earned bucks. And it all starts this July with an offer that’ll save you $25 on your next Track Night, courtesy of GoPro.

GoPro is the company that revolutionized affordable, high quality, palm-sized action cameras, doubling those with durable mounts to place those cameras anywhere via their powerful windshield suction cups, roll cage clamps, and ingenious adhesive mounts that offer the freedom to record from virtually any position, inside or outside of the car.

You’ve seen GoPro footage across the web, with some people taking it to the next level, mounting multiple cameras to offer views from around (and inside) the car. And now you can get on track at a Track Night with a GoPro coupon, allowing you to save money while recording amazing footage that can be shared (or not shared) however you wish.

Save Me Money

GoPro’s special coupon code “GoPro2023” gives entrants $25 off a newly-created registration for any Track Night in America event that's open for registration. That’s $25 off the already low cost of entry, and on top of the $20 discount SCCA members already receive. (Not an SCCA member? Join now.)

It’s that simple: Just head over to Track Night’s website and register for an event, enter the “GoPro2023” coupon code at checkout, and you’re on your way to an incredible – and even more affordable – weekend at the track. And, if you’re an SCCA member, that discount will be applied automatically.

What’s Track Night in America? This link will fill you in.

Do I Need a GoPro?

To get their $25 Track Night in America event discount? Heck no. But SHOULD you have a GoPro? Oh yes, indeed you should.

GoPro is the OG action camera – you know that. But through the years, GoPro hasn’t rested on those laurels, most recently dialing their cameras up to 11 – literally. The current GoPro lineup includes the HERO11 Black, the HERO11 Black Mini, the HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black, and the vlog-oriented HERO11 Black Creator Edition, HERO10 Black Bones, and Max. Which GoPro is right for you? There’s a website that’ll answer all your questions.

GoPro also offers a variety of camera accessories, allowing you to mount your GoPro with ease anywhere you wish – including on your pit dog. We’re not kidding.

If you’re not sure what mounts you’ll need, we recommend the GoPro Grab Bag, which packages spare parts along with curved and flat adhesive mounts, two mounting buckles, a three-way pivot arm, and a variety of short and long thumb screws. If your car is equipped with a rollbar or cage, then the large tube mount is also a must have.

GoPro also offers its Quik app, featuring cloud backup and quick editing tools – an essential download if you’re looking for near-instantaneous video reviews during events.

Need an excuse to purchase a GoPro? From July 1-31, SCCA members will receive an exclusive discount on GoPro products, getting 15-percent off on up to two items on gopro.com – just use the discount code “SCCAGOPRO” at checkout.

There’s More, Baby

This isn’t the only time you’ll be seeing GoPro and SCCA’s names together. While this partnership is kicking off in July with the incredible “GoPro2023” SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event coupon code, we’ll have more to announce through 2023 and into 2024, so keep an eye out for the latest news – and record it all with a GoPro!

Photo by Tradd Slayton