Inside the SCCA: SCCA President & CEO Mike Cobb

(Looking for an inside line on the Club? “Inside the SCCA” is a podcast that features interviews with the Club’s leading personalities, but it’s not owned by SCCA®. Instead, it’s an independent media outlet managed by Rule 15 Productions and hosted by longtime SCCA member and journalist Brian Bielanski. He uses the Club’s name with permission, but without direction or influence from SCCA.)

On episode 103 of Inside the SCCA, podcast host Brian Bielanski is joined by SCCA President and CEO Mike Cobb. Continuing a “roughly every 50 episodes” tradition, Cobb once again joins the podcast to discuss where the Sports Car Club of America stands today, and where it's going as we head into the future.

Listen below or click here.

You can also watch the video version of the podcast below, or by heading to The Racing Network’s YouTube channel.

Photo by Philip Royle / Staff