Shocking June Track Night Savings With KONI

If you want to get around the track as fast as you can, KONI Shock Absorbers is key to your success. And if your goal is to enter an SCCA® Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack event as inexpensively as possible, guess where you should look? That’s right: It’s KONI for the win once more, this time with a discount you can’t pass up.

With no timing equipment, no competition classes, friendly coaches to point you in the right direction, and a schedule that requires only putting half a day’s worth of fake meetings in your work calendar so your boss doesn’t notice you’re missing, SCCA’s Track Night program takes the stress out of getting on motorsports circuits. All you need is a safe street vehicle, an approved helmet, and a go-get-em attitude, and we’ll put you on track for the time of your life.

Don’t have a helmet? Check out Track Night’s Safety Store for the most affordable choices.

But what was that we said about KONI making this more affordable?

KONI’s Big Deal

Track Night in America is already a steal of a deal when it comes to getting on track, but KONI’s offer significantly sweetens the pot – so much so, that you could say it’s shocking.

In addition to the already low-low price of admission, using KONI’s limited time offer coupon code of “KONItrackready2023” in June for any newly-created registration for a Track Night in America event that’s currently open for registration, you’ll save an additional $25. And if you’re an SCCA member, then we’ll take another $20 right off the top!

Join SCCA now if you’re not already a member.

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You Shocked Yet?

From KONI’s famous Sport “yellow” dampers to the company’s set-it-and-forget-it STR.T setup for street cars and trucks – plus more – KONI’s lineup will set you up right the first time.

In fact, KONIs have set up roughly one fifth of all SCCA members. In an SCCA survey, we discovered that roughly 20 percent of SCCA members use KONI dampers. On the street, 19.61 percent of members utilize KONIs, while 20.59 percent of members have KONIs on their competition vehicle – that last one makes KONI the most popular damper for competition vehicles in the Club.

On the flip side, SCCA is popular among KONI employees, with many of them having turned wheels in Track Night in America events, on Time Trials experiences, during Road Racing weekends, and more.

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Time is money, right? Here are three bullet points to speed your day:

Photo by Michael Berchak