Look and Feel Great with These SCCA Member Benefits

Dan Gurney, one of the all-time greats in motorsports, was once quoted as saying, “If you have the chance to make something beautiful, and you don’t, well, what does that say about you?” These aren’t just random words from a racing legend (who was, incidentally, inducted into the SCCA® Hall of Fame in 2014); they represent a truth to racing that extends well beyond the car itself. These words can (and likely should) be a philosophy. Unfortunately, having beautiful equipment comes at a cost. Fortunately, SCCA’s Member Benefits program can help you out.

More than 40 companies partner with SCCA to offer Club members discounts and deals on amazing products. Looking through the impressive list (which can be found here), a handful jumped out at us as truly representing what Mr. Gurney spoke about.

From your paddock spot to racing gear, the items below will make you have a beautiful setup at SCCA events – and when everything looks beautiful in your paddock, well, that says good things about you.

Racetrack RV Rentals

A good night’s rest is essential to being – and looking – your best during a competition weekend, but with hotels rarely around the corner from the event site, commute time eats into those precious z’s. For that, Racetrack RV Rentals has a deal for you.

With a website designed for racers and vendors seeking to book RVs that will be delivered directly to the racetrack, Racetrack RV Rentals puts you on site with creature comforts you won’t have by sleeping in the bed of your pickup – namely, most of these RVs come with bathrooms, showers, comfortable beds, and the ability to cook.

Enter your destination, dates, and the type of RV on the website, and Racetrack RV Rentals will present you with an inventory of RVs. The site then links you directly with the owner of that rig, allowing for a seamless booking process.

Partnering with Outdoorsy, Racetrack RV Rentals is able to provide SCCA members with a 10-percent discount on bookings of up to $500 when using SCCA’s special discount code.

Out There Brands

Bob Tullius – another SCCA Hall of Famer – set the bar on the Club level for looking the part with his incredible Group 44 team. It was his attention to detail that set a standard of appearance that many teams use to this day. Looking professional is key – and that’s exactly what Out There Brands can do for you.

A leader in pop-up tents, flags, and all other branded paddock displays, Out There Brands offers customizable tents, banners, chairs, and flags to match your team’s colors and sponsors.

Out There Brands products are used by top teams that know quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and is a supplier to SRO, IMSA, SCCA, and more. And as an SCCA member, you can receive a 15-percent discount on your next order.

CoolShirt Systems

If you want to look cool, you must be cool. OK, that’s not the catch phrase of CoolShirt Systems, but it might as well be, because a CoolShirt setup is essential if you want to keep your cool while under pressure on the track.

Using temperature-controlled cold water, CoolShirt Systems provides personal cooling in a compact, leak-proof, easily installed cooling unit. The company offers a variety of products to fit your needs, with the bread-and-butter setup of a Coolwater t-shirt and water cooler being a guaranteed winner in any race car. The company even has an add-on for helmet air cooling.

CoolShirt setups will keep you energized and alert, giving you the competitive edge for those final laps. And thanks to the SCCA Member Benefits program, Club members receive a 10-percent discount on these much-needed products.

SpeedCom Communications

It would be all too easy to change Dan Gurney’s quote to read: If you have the chance to use radio communications in your race car, and you don’t, well, what does that say about you? To that end, Speedcom Communications offers SCCA members a 10-percent discount on all Speedcom radio accessories.

If you opt not to utilize a radio setup in your race car, you’re competing with only three wheels. From knowing the moment the green comes out, to receiving warnings from your crew about potential dangers ahead, in-car radio communications is invaluable.

While shopping for your Speedcom radio setup, keep in mind that the company also offers Roux helmets, which comes with a noise cancelling mic, speaker pods, HANS anchors, a RELEASE emergency helmet removal system, and a drink tube – and we all know that hydration is the key to beauty.

You Had Me At “Discount”

This is just a smattering of the amazing deals SCCA members receive with their Club membership. Click the button below to discover more amazing deals.

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Photo by Tradd Slayton