SCCA Women on Track March Showcase Returns

Last year, the SCCA Women on Track Initiative showcased women from all across the SCCA during March, Women’s History Month. Some of these women blazed the path for others behind the wheel, while many have left their marks or continue to inspire women in leadership and support roles.

“The mission of the SCCA Women on Track initiative is to expand participation of women in all facets of SCCA programs and activities as participants, volunteers, leaders, or supporters,” said Linda Duncan, founding member and co-chair of the SCCA Women on Track committee. “This March Showcase allows us to share some of the amazing accomplishments women of the SCCA have achieved. It’s 31 days of highlighting and thanking women for their impact and passion in all areas of the SCCA.”

Like last year, daily posts will be made on the SCCA Women on Track Facebook Page, and a weekly wrap-up will be available on and the SCCA Women on Track webpage.

“We hope you will follow along as we honor the women at your track, behind the wheel, and behind the scenes, and appreciate and thank them for all that they have done and continue to do,” said Andie Wolfe, Multi-Channel Marketing Manager for SCCA and the SCCA Women on Track staff liaison.

Wolfe was among several women who were featured on the Facebook page after the showcase in 2022. Get to know her and others below as we near March 1.

For questions about the SCCA Women on Track initiative or to get involved, visit their webpage. Submit your profile details or those of a woman in your life to be featured in future posts and showcases by filling out the form.

Andrea "Andie" (Albin) Wolfe from Southern Illinois and Detroit Regions

Solo, Road Racing, RallyCross – 25-year member

When growing up supporting her father's (Chris Albin) racing, Andie would do just about anything to keep herself busy at the track. She was Mid-South Region's Chief of Hospitality at 13-years old, St. Louis Region's Chief of Sound at 15, and participated in many other specialties before refocusing on the family cars once she could go "over the wall." After college, this spirit of supporting the Club took the form of a role on the SCCA National Staff for six years. Along the way, she's earned three Solo National Championship (one in FSPL, two in FML), but is actively working to return to road racing with a project build of a 1994 VW Golf for F and H Production.

SCCA has, and always will be, the family that Andie chose. "I grew up surrounded by aunts and uncles whom I didn't share blood with, but loved just as strongly."

Paula Taylor from Lone Star Region

45+ year member – Road Racing Volunteer (F&C, Registration, Steward, Race Chair), Solo, and Region Leadership

Paula was introduced to SCCA racing in 1972, starting as a logger then communicator in race control at TWS and worked corners at San Marcos and Victoria. During those years, she also attended a race school at Green Valley in a Formula Junior that she did some autocrosses in. After several years, she was encouraged by Bob Gelles to join the stewards program. She worked as an SIT when she could, became a National Steward (including adding an assistant in 1985 who mostly slept through activities in his porta-crib!), and eventually a Chief Steward until the late 1990s.

She was encouraged to work on getting registration online – paperless. She's been a National Registrar since then and oh, what an experience upgrading race registration! She was Chief Registrar for Houston for seven or eight years, and for Lone Star Region for over 15 that included some pr races and the first event at Circuit of the Americas.

She's ridden the pace car, pushed cars across scales in Tech, made victory lap flags, built trophies, worked grid, spent time in timing – and pretty much enjoyed it all having #FunWithCars!

SCCA is family and friends to Paula. "The Club has always been a social outlet for me – seeing old friends, making new, enjoying the camaraderie. I'm semi-retired after 40-plus years but enjoy being a helper when I can and helping my son with hospitality for his team. I miss the 'good old days' when we would share food we'd bring for lunch (fresh made salsa and chips, summer sausage, and crackers from a small hometown grocery, homemade gazpacho) then go to the race party at the hotel and party into the night. So many great memories!"

Ashlyn Speed from Texas Region

One-year Member – Road Racing

Racing karts since the age of 7 and winning several championships along the way, Ashlyn Speed earned her SCCA license at the age of 14. In 2022, she's seeing her first full year of car racing experience in the SM class with hopes her experiences will take her to the Mazda Shootout and a W Series test. Her home track is MSR Cresson, racing with Snyder Brothers Racing and Team M.E.R.

SCCA Member has been a guiding light for Ashlyn throughout her car racing career. "The SCCA and the established racers around us have guided us through the process of getting started in car racing. Not only was the SCCA class at MSR Houston very well run and educational, but fellow members helping along the way has made this a very enjoyable experience."

You can keep up with her on her social channels: @AshlynSpeed

Hilary Anderson Frank from Milwaukee Region

13-year Member – Solo

"I eat, sleep, and breathe motorsports" Hilary Anderson Frank from Milwaukee Region proclaims. She began her journey into motorsports in 2006 shortly after starting school for automotive technology. Later that year, she was invited to her first autocross where she couldn’t drive. Being only 16, she wasn't able to drive without consent from her parents, but she had a plan. When she was 18, her dad helped her with the purchase of a 1993 Toyota MR2. "I loved that little car; it was a great car to teach me the ropes," said. It was less than a year later she attended her first ProSolo and was hooked on the National Solo series, and now has attended every Solo National Championship event since 2009. Shortly after joining, she began helping the Region by taking on worker chief duties and going to meetings. This led to many roles from event chair to course designer. In 2016, Hilary tried her hand at Solo Chairperson for the Milwaukee Region. "We had an event with 221 entrants, and we managed to get six runs each. I'm proud of my team that allowed us to make that happen". While autocross may be referred to as "Solo," Hilary recognizes that it's truly a team effort to make events happen Last year, she joined the SCCA Women on Track Executive Committee putting together a great group of women for the Solo committee. "I love my group. I look forward to every meeting where we discuss ways to make SCCA Women on Track even better." When asked to expand on her experience in motorsports, she explained, "It's really hard to summarize everything I've done in motorsports since 2008 into a few paragraphs. I've been behind the wheel in Solo, RallyCross, Road Racing, Ice Racing, and Track Nights. I've also been behind the camera for all those things, as well as some professional motorsports such as IMSA and TransAm. I really do live motorsports."

Hilary personifies having #FunWithCars in the SCCA. "In short the SCCA has saved my life. I came for the cars but stayed for my lifelong friends!"

Cathy Barnard from South Texas Border Region

38-year Member – Road Racing

Cathy raced a Formula Vee for 25 years, beginning in 1980 with a local midwestern racing organization. She joined SCCA in 1983, was FV CENDiv Regional West champion and Chicago Region FV Championship Challenge, first place in 1994, and finished 21 of 40 in FV at the Runoffs at Mid-Ohio in 1999. A steward since 1999, Cathy works at most SWDiv races and has worked various specialties at the Runoffs including pace car driver, SOC Chief, SOM, and Operating Steward. She also previously served as the Executive Steward and president of Southwest Division.

"SCCA has been my family for almost 40 years. Through SCCA I was able to realize my dream to race cars and meet many close friends across the country. I hope that as a woman racer and steward in SCCA I can inspire other women to follow their dreams in racing. Guys don’t get to have all the fun. Women can race, and have #FunWithCars too!"

Tamra Krystinik from New England Region

7-year member – Solo

This three-time Solo National Champion (including the fourth female to ever win an Open class championship), and 2015 Rookie Of The Year has been full throttle since 2014. Tamra’s first experience in motorsports was when she found out about an autocross school and proposed it as a date idea to her (now) husband. She was hooked on the sport – and they eventually got married.

She jumped into National competition in 2015 where she drove a Honda S2000, NC Miata, and NB Miata running L3 in ProSolos and CSPL at Solo Nationals, where she took her first National Championship and also SCCA Rookie of The Year honors. She went on to win another CSPL Championship in 2016 before deciding to develop her own car, a Mazda RX-8 affectionately named “Riley,” for DSP. After winning the L1 ProSolo series championship in 2018 and taking second place in DSP in both 2017 and 2018, she secured her first Open Solo National Championship title in 2019 in DSP, along with winning the Rothney-Kozlak Cup three years in a row.

Tamra credits her National Solo experience in Ladies classes as a support system that helped her to stay with the sport. “The camaraderie of L grid is incredible, the friends I’ve made mean so much to me, and the opportunity I’ve had to drive some incredible cars that otherwise would not have had an available seat, set me up for great success in sport. I will forever be grateful of those opportunities.”

Tamra has learned to enjoy wrenching and developing the RX-8. She jokes that she has every torque spec and engine tolerance on an RX-8 memorized, but wouldn’t know intake from exhaust on a V-6 engine. She prides herself on taking meticulous setup notes and has an entire notebook of every setup and shock change on the car, and loves being able to make small tweaks to make the car work to perfection for each course. “Every event I go to, I ask myself, am I trying to make the car handle better or am I trying to drive fast (around any problems)? Those are different goals.”

Liz Witt from Texas Region

Member (off and on) since 1967 – Rally Master, RoadRally, Road Racing, Solo, and Volunteer

Liz Witt is SCCA top to bottom, without question. Liz can throw a wicked fun weekend epitomized by her recent Texas Trifecta of three National Rallies that earned an ovation from both local and visiting National-level entrants. While able to target audiences of varying skill and experience levels, she takes particular joy at incorporating “traps” into some of her rallies, often stumping even the most seasoned rallyists. Her eye for detail and willingness to share her knowledge led her to script four social “Back to Basics” rallies this year to mentor our thriving Texas Region rally community to be the best they can be. She also welcomes technology and innovation, appreciating the way it has evolved rally writing to be more efficient and effective. Her embrace of the popular Richta app enabled Liz to (re)introduce TSD rallying to a long-time GTA-style rally region. Some cars she’s had #funwithcars with include: her G Production Spridget she campaigned to a Southwest Divisional Championship in 1970-ish (the precise year she is unsure of, but it gives her a gleam in her eye and a spark in her voice mentioning it.), a D Sports Racer that would “go like stink” for one lap only, a Formula F, a 1980 280ZX for the gravel roads of early SCCA ProRallying, and her MGB for the early autocrossing.

What SCCA has meant to Liz has changed over time. "In the late 1960’s, I was a single woman and SCCA gave me an opportunity to be a part of a group – it gave me a social life that I thrived in and that I was thankful for. These days, it keeps me on my toes and is an intellectual exercise when I put on a rally; it keeps my mind fit and thriving … for now, Rallies are an important venue that allow me to be myself doing what I love doing."

Nadja Pollard from Lone Star Region

Road Racing and Pro Racing – 20-year member

If it's a weekend, more than likely Nadja is at a racetrack somewhere in the US. Whether corner marshaling at her local track, officiating for F4/FR Americas and vintage groups, or managing the Pit/Paddock/Grid team for a few FIA events, she's out there helping people have fun with cars (and occasionally bikes).

Nadja autocrossed a SAAB in the 1980s during college but moved to road racing in 2009, starting out in an endurance series with a Datsun 200SX. A few Miatas later, she began racing with SCCA. All this time she enjoyed working with racers as an official. While a member of MSR Houston, Nadja started to work more specialties during events, from T&S and grid to helping with race admin and even driving pace car. All of this exposure led to a chance to be on the inaugural Pit/Paddock/Grid team at Circuit of the Americas for the 2012 USGP. Nadja now leads that team and has been chief for MotoGP, Creventic 24H, WEC, Formule E, and now the Miami GP.

Currently, Nadja is Lone Star Region Assistant Regional Executive, a Divisional Steward, and a Track Night in America coach, which she credits with giving her new insight into dealing with racers while working her role as a steward with SCCA and other series.

"Everyone should have fun with cars ... even if you just did something questionable on track," Nadja said. "When I work ‘black flag,’ instead of coming at a driver like a traffic cop, I'm immediately asking if they are okay and what happened. I come from a helpful, coaching angle rather than a disciplinarian and I hope it makes a trip to ‘black flag’ less like visiting the dentist!

"SCCA is family. I can't imagine my life without the experiences and opportunities provided by the fellowship of everyone at an event. It's like time stands still when you're away from the track because you just want to get back. Steve McQueen was right!"

Patty Tunnell, an SCCA Hall of Fame member

Patty and her husband Bob have left a huge mark on the SCCA. Take a look at all that Patty has accomplished:

  • Inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame, 2020
  • Driver of Eminence award, 2002
  • Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award, 2002
  • Inducted into The Silver Circle (25 events), 2010
  • Won the largest Street Prepared Ladies class ever (1 of 2) – 13 cars in BSPL in 2001
  • 1st – Wins in Most Categories – 5 (Stock, Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared, Modified)
  • 1st – Wins in Most Different Classes – 11 (ESL, ASL, CSPL, ESPL, BSPL, DSL, SML, DSPL, XPL, EML, DML)
  • 1st – Most Trophy Finishes, Women - 26
  • 1st – Trophy Streak, Ladies – trophied in 17 consecutive events
  • 2nd – Most Championships, Women – 15
  • 3rd – Most Family Championships – 22 (Bob 7, Patty 15)
  • 5th – Most Years Between First/Last Championships, Women – 29 (1990-2019)
  • 6th – Most Events Competed In, Women – 35

Andrea King from Land of Lakes Region

Road Racer – 6-year member

Andrea earned her full competition license in 2018 and started racing SRF3. Not only does she compete across the Land of Lakes Region, she has done some winter racing at COTA and Sebring. Starting with the 2022 season, she will be racing double duty, adding a Spec Miata. Look for both of her cars with the No. 08 Gulf Racing liveries!

"My husband, Russell, and I earned our full competition licenses together in 2018. This has been such an incredibly fun sport for the two of us, and I enjoy the chance to really push my own skill each time I turn a wheel on a track. I have loved being supported by my racing family: SRG Autosport, my fellow drivers, and of course, the team at SCCA! Lifelong friends and memories are made here."

Bonnie Wannarka from Lone Star Region

Road Racing Grid Volunteer – 33-year member

Bonnie began her SCCA involvement as a member of the San Francisco region where her husband was an active racer. She joined the tech crew and has maintained her scrutineer license since. In addition, she holds grid/pit, registrar, and race administration licenses. Truly a traveling volunteer, she worked events from Texas to Wisconsin to California to Virginia and to Indy where she was awarded Worker of the Year at the 2021 Runoffs. She was also head of the Runoffs Victory Circle from 2006 to 2013.

To Bonnie, SCCA is and always will be her family.

Janet Guthrie, an SCCA Hall of Fame Member

Janet Guthrie grew from grassroots SCCA Regional racing to be a pioneer in Indy cars and NASCAR, inspiring others to imagine the impossible. Early on, she campaigned a Jaguar XK 120 coupe, competing in autocrosses, hill climbs, and field trials in the New York Region. She then moved to a Jaguar XK 140 for competition in SCCA Regional and National races. Guthrie built her own engines, towed the car to races and was her own crew. By 1972, she was a full-time racer, and a year later won the SCCA North Atlantic Road Racing championship in a BS Toyota Celica. She also managed to achieve a couple Sebring class wins.

In 1976, Guthrie tested an Indy car and was also the first woman to run a NASCAR superspeedway cup race. In 1977, she was the first woman to qualify for and compete in the Indy 500, and was the first woman and top rookie at the Daytona 500 that same year. Her driver’s suit and helmet are in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and she is also a member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and was one of the first inductees into the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.

Karen Babb from Northwest Region

Solo – 42-year member

To Karen, SCCA means fun, friendships, competition, learning, organizational experience, wrenching, and travel!

To us, Karen is one of SCCA's rock starts. Check out these stats:

  • Woolf Barnato Trophy, SCCA’s highest honor, 2018
  • Inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame, 2011
  • Solo Cup, the sport’s highest award, 1997
  • Driver of Eminence award, 1990
  • Inducted into The Silver Circle (25 events), 2004
  • Solo Nationals Event Chair, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • First driver (Ladies) to win 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 championships
  • 1st – Most Championships, Women and Overall – 20
  • 1st – Longest Consecutive Years Win Streak, Women – 12 years (1994-05)
  • 1st – Longest Individual Appearances Win Streak, Women – 12 years (1994-2005)
  • 2nd – Most Family Championships – 24 (Ron 4, Karen 20)
  • 3rd – Most Events Competed In, Women – 41
  • 5th – Most Trophy Finishes, Women – 22
  • 10th – Longest Individual Appearances Win Streak, Women – 7 years (1986-92)
  • 10th – Most Years Between First/Last Championships, Women – 22 (1983-2005)

Amber Stephenson from South Jersey Region

Road Racer – 11-year member

Based out of New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ, Amber and her wife, Serena, are Two Girls Racing and have a passion for restoring and racing vintage race cars. Amber began racing in SRF in 2011, and now races a 1981 Crossle 45f in CF. She also races a 1962 Series 2 Lotus Super Seven and 1971 Lotus 69 Formula Ford in various vintage series, often campaigning 2-3 cars every race weekend. In addition to racing, Amber uses her Wonder Woman liveried cars to reach out to girls and young women to get them interested in STEM and racing.

Amber said, "Beyond the fun of racing, I have made many friends via SCCA who are now family."

Donna Mae Mims, an SCCA Hall of Fame Member

Known as the “Pink Lady” of racing, Steel Cities Region’s Donna Mae Mims established herself as a formidable competitor in sports car racing, and an active participant in Region activities and leadership before becoming the first woman to win an SCCA road racing National Championship in 1963. Though known as a Chevrolet fanatic, Mims’ 1963 National point championship came in H Production behind the wheel of a pink Bugeye Sprite. Mims was also a licensed grid worker, a member of the Region’s Board of Directors, a driving instructor, and editor of the award-winning Region magazine, “Drift.” Easy to spot in her pink driving suit, pink helmet, and pink wig, with “Think Pink” emblazoned on the back of her race car, Mims also competed (with Suzy Dietrich and Janet Guthrie) in the Rolex 24 At Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. At her passing in 2009 at the age of 82, her viewing at the funeral home had her seated in her race-winning 1979 Corvette.

Laura Jean Johnson from Buccaneer Region

Solo – 20-year member

Laura was “all-in” starting with our first event with Delta Region in February 2002. Since then, she and her husband competed on equal terms, and she’s been an ambassador for women drivers the whole time, taking and giving rides to coach and encourage. She’s a Match Tour winner, Champ Tour trophy, and a force in our club.

For Laura, SCCA is a place to have fun with cars and to have fun with friends and strangers while doing it. It’s been her choice of fun for 20 years, and for the foreseeable future.

LisaKay Foyle from Southwest Louisiana Region

Road Racing: Steward, Timing and Scoring, F&C – 20-year member

LisaKay worked for 20 years in racing before retirement, first starting as Manager of the Panoz Racing Series. She currently holds 3 National SCCA licenses: Steward, T&S, and F&C. She also worked for the FIA as Secretary of the Meeting for both Formula E and WEC. She is also a great wife, proud mother of two, loving grandmother of five, and a fierce CASA Advocate.

To LisaKay, "SCCA is 'family' no matter where you go or what role you are ‘playing’ during any event. Everyone helps each other ... as it should be. When my husband, James, and I go to the track, it seems like our second home and the ‘howdys’ and waves make our hearts full. I try to be fair in my Stewardship, and I’m told by other Stewards (and racers) that I’m not only fair but thorough in my investigations and paperwork.”