Region Achievements Recognized at the SCCA National Convention

It’s a well-earned tradition during the SCCA National Convention to celebrate outstanding achievements by SCCA Regions. These recognitions celebrate Regions that have gone above and beyond in the year prior, working to develop programs that members in their area truly enjoy. This dedication to the sport leads to better events and, ultimately, increased participation and happier members.

Through the Tom Burke Awards and the Region of the Year Awards, SCCA recognized standout Regions during the Jan. 19-27, 2023, virtual SCCA National Convention.

Both awards are divided into four categories, allowing for the recognition of Regions of all sizes, from small to jumbo.

Tom Burke Awards

The Tom Burke Awards are presented to Regions for exemplary efforts to activate and grow the SCCA. Formerly named the Chairman’s Award prior to 1987, one award is given to the RE of a Region in each of the Region size categories from the preceding year.

The awards are given in honor of SCCA member Tom Burke. His love of SCCA and passion for what we do not only ignited in others a desire to become SCCA members, but also served as a call to engage in SCCA activities. Mr. Burke’s ambassadorial approach to prospective and current members served as a model for the spirit of the SCCA.

Jumbo: Central Florida Region – RE Stephen Mullen (2022)
Large: St. Louis Region – RE Mike Kenney (2022)
Medium: Phoenix AZ Solo Region – RE Kevin Venisnik
Small: River Cities Region – RE Brandon Shea Hulett

Region of the Year Awards

The Region of the Year Award gauges the Region’s management team performance relating to SCCA’s Goals and Business Strategies (Member Experience, Operational Excellence, and Program Development). Winning Region leadership teams are fully engaged with their members and also participate regularly in the quarterly Region RE calls with the SCCA National Office to stay abreast of news and changes, communicating that insight with their members. They also run as many programs as possible, often more than other Regions of their size.

Jumbo: Washington DC Region – RE C.W. Armbrust
Large: Utah Region – RE Kevin Schultz
Medium: Continental Divide Region – Arnold J. Coleman
Small: Iowa Region – RE Drew Hackett