Apply Now: 2023 Wendi Allen Scholarship

First awarded in 2014 in memory of multi-time Solo National Champion Wendi Allen, the Wendi Allen Scholarship Fund has now assisted more than 20 women in their quest to compete in SCCA Autocross on the National level. This year, that tradition continues with another three recipients to be chosen to receive $1,500 to assist with their travel to Tire Rack SCCA National Solo events and the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships.

The deadline to submit for the scholarship is Feb. 3, 2023, and SCCA members are reminded that while they can apply for the scholarship for themselves, they can also nominate an SCCA member they believe represents the spirit of the scholarship.

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A Community

The Wendi Allen Scholarship involves more than the $1,500 scholarship each of the three recipients receives. In addition to monetary assistance, SCCA waives entry fees to all National SCCA Autocross events for scholarship recipients, and also works with SCCA partners and the Solo community for additional means of support.

Two of the three Wendi Allen Scholarships come courtesy of the SCCA Foundation – that, in turn, are made possible by your donations. “In addition to the general fund donations by SCCA members, several members make special contributions designated specifically for use in support of the Wendi Allen Scholarships,” explains Jeff Jacobs, Chairman of the SCCA Foundation. “Donors often share their personal stories of mentorship and how it enriched their SCCA experience as a motivating factor for these donations.”

Furthermore, from 2014-’17, the Wendi Allen Scholarship was presented to two SCCA members per year through the SCCA Foundation; thanks to assistance from Mazda Motorsports, that increased to three members annually starting in 2018, with Mazda supporting the program ever since.

How You Can Help

The SCCA Foundation is currently accepting donations earmarked for the Wendi Allen Scholarship and for its other initiatives advancing opportunities for women's involvement in the Club. SCCA members can go to the SCCA Foundation’s website to discover more about the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization, along with how they can earmark their donation for specific programs like the Wendi Allen Scholarship.

Also, the next time you’re at an event and you see Mazda Motorsports in attendance offering participant support, thank them for the assistance they offer this scholarship in particular.

Past Winners

In 2023, three women will be presented with a Wendi Allen Scholarship, with those ladies joining quite a group of distinguished past recipients.

In 2022, Maia Kirk, Layne Lindemann, and Chelsea Tattershall received the honor. Prior recipients include Tracey Burkhard, Karen Thomas, Felisha Welninski, Lori Rothmuller, Sarah Tooth, Elisabeth Flannagan, Elizabeth Wildenberg, Jennifer Vance, Cindy Duncan, Haley Oosterhof, Elayne Man, Johanna Foege, Youmna Zalzal, Lexie Murray, Tara Arnette, Jessica Black, Lacie Edens, Samantha Bray, Emily Brown, and Amy Wunsch.

Photo by Rupert Berrington