Inside the SCCA: Emergency Services 101, with Peter Villaume

Looking for an inside line on the Club? “Inside the SCCA” is a podcast that features interviews with the Club’s leading personalities, but it’s not owned by SCCA. Instead, it’s an independent media outlet managed by Rule 15 Productions and hosted by longtime SCCA Member and journalist Brian Bielanski. He uses the Club’s name with permission, but without direction or influence from SCCA.

On episode 72 of “Inside the SCCA,” podcast host Brian Bielanski talks about the Emergency Services (ES) specialty. ES is the specialty that goes out on the track to snatch disabled cars, put out fires, and rescue drivers. No experience necessary – although if you have a firefighter or EMS background, that's a huge bonus. The podcast’s guest this week is an ES legend in the Northeast. Most people call him "Thumper" – in fact, some people don't even know his name is Peter Villaume.

Listen below or click here.