Inside the SCCA: Flag Marshal 201, with Ben Tyler

Looking for an inside line on the Club? “Inside the SCCA” is a podcast that features interviews with the Club’s leading personalities, but it’s not owned by SCCA. Instead, it’s an independent media outlet managed by Rule 15 Productions and hosted by longtime SCCA Member and journalist Brian Bielanski. He uses the Club’s name with permission, but without direction or influence from SCCA.

Episode 71 of the “Inside the SCCA” podcast is the latest in its ongoing series of what podcast host Brian Bielanski calls “ITS University.” These podcast episodes are great training for newbies and a fantastic refresher for SCCA veterans. The guest on this week’s podcast is the 2022 Flagging and Communications SCCA Worker of the Year Ben Tyler – he and Bielanski look at all the flags SCCA uses except for the blue flag (there’ll be an entire episode dedicated to that one).

Drivers should also check out this episode because everyone’s seen a driver come to pit lane after seeing a black stick.

Listen below or click here.