Join us for the first ever SCCA eMotorsports Super Tour on iRacing!

With real-world motorsports events on hold, SCCA is bringing the world of e-motorsports to SCCA members & friends with the eSCCA Super Tour. Hosted on the iRacing service, sessions will be open to the public on Saturday, March 28th, with the goal to keep the spirit of community and competition alive across the SCCA.

Three separate sessions will be hosted by SCCA, utilizing the Spec Racer Ford, Skip Barber Formula 2000, and Mazda Global MX-5 Cup Car. Each session will include 90 minutes of Open Practice, 10 minutes of Qualifying, and a 20 Minute race, all at Summit Point Raceway. Feel free to join any and all of the action!

Spec Racer Ford

2:00 PM EDT - Practice
3:30 PM EDT - Qualifying
3:40 PM EDT- Race (20 Mins)

Skip Barber Formula 2000

5:00 PM EDT - Practice
6:30 PM EDT - Qualifying
6:40 PM EDT - Race (20 Mins)

Global MX-5 Cup

8:00 PM EDT - Practice
9:30 PM EDT - Qualifying
9:40 PM EDT - Race (20 Mins)

Join the iRacing hosted session “eSCCA” with the group password “funwithcars”. A D-Level iRacing license is required.

For those interested in more information on iRacing and gaining a license prior to the beginning of the SCCA virtual Super Tour, please visit the iRacing FAQ page here.