Your Weapon of Choice & Pure Speed

Pure speed.  An open track, a driver and their “weapon” of choice, all coming together for a common goal: Outright speed and the cleanest, fastest single lap they can achieve.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and check out this short video, put out by Porsche, about their run at Spa last year. In it, they take their 919 LMP car, de-regulate it, and set out on a quest to see what kind of times they could run when time was all that mattered.  At its core, that is what SCCA® Time Trails is all about.  Whether your car is stock, or a purpose built, fire breathing, track slaying monster, it’s just you, your car and a quest to set the cleanest, fastest lap possible. So if the video stirs something in your soul, and the idea of setting the bar higher with lower lap times sounds like your “jam,” check out the Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour.  It’s about personal achievement. It’s about lapping your best lap. It’s about time.      

Stanford V.

Oddly this is just the type car (sports racer or formula car) which is not allowed to enter SCCA Time Trials. But enjoy what “real” race cars are capable of. 

mamad s.


Emily Jenkins

There's a problem with the video on mobile format I can only see the top half of the view port. Maybe consider updating to mobile friendly site format.