2018 SCCA Time Trials Nationals Update

Registration for the 2018 SCCA Time Trials Nationals at NCM Motorsports Park September 28-30 will open on Wednesday, June 20th.

The three-day event will be the first of its kind and be limited to 225 drivers. Results will be determined by competitor’s best times in two formats – traditional lapping sessions where drivers will have a set amount of time to set a fast lap, and a Point-to-Point format where drivers get three chances to set their fastest time on a standing-start marked run on a segment of the course.

The event will start with unscored lapping sessions on Friday for practice, evaluation and to set the run order during scored sessions. Saturday morning will begin scored sessions, starting with lapping on the Grand Full Course. Saturday afternoon will then have two Point-to-Point events on the East and West courses. Sunday will start with lapping sessions on the Grand Full course and the event will finish with a Point-to-Point on a portion of the Grand Full course.

For the SCCA Time Trials Nationals, drivers will need to be a full SCCA member with a valid state driver’s license and SCCA competition license or equivalent recognized motorsports license. Drivers with limited or no track experience will be monitored during Friday sessions and issued a Novice Permit for competition elements.

More event specifics will become available when registration opens, including scoring and format details.

CLICK HERE for the 2018 SCCA Time Trial Nationals Supplemental Regulations

CLICK HERE for the 2018 SCCA Time Trial Nationals Rules Page

2018 SCCA Time Trials Nationals Schedule

Thursday September 27
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM SCCA Starting Line School (Separate Registration)
5:00 PM Gates/Check-in opens for SCCA Time Trials Nationals
Friday September 28
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 20-minute unscored lapping sessions for practice/seeding on Grand Full course. (Best time sets grid for first scored session.) 
Saturday September 29
8:30 AM Two 15-minute Scored Lapping Sessions on Grand Full course 
TBA Lunch
TBA Three runs - East Course Point-to-Point (Best time counts)
TBA Three runs – West Course Point-to-Point (Best time counts)
Sunday September 30
8:30 AM Two 15-minute Scored Lapping Sessions on Grand Full course
TBA Lunch
TBA Two runs – Point-to-Point on Grand Full course.

Michael Anthony Neat

On the other hand, is registration on this site or being handled by MSR?

Corrine Ann Carter

Michael, Heyward has made a pinky promise that registration will open on June 20th @10AM Eastern time (he didn't say where, though....)  Here's the FB page that gets new info frequently: https://www.facebook.com/groups/380635365733322/

Dave Deborde

I noticed that a SCCA Competiton License or equivalent recognized motorsports license is required.  Was this intended to read SCCA Time Trial Competition License?

Corrine Ann Carter

Dave, since the TT license is considered an SCCA competition license (albeit, time trial competition instead of W2W competition) that this sentence is technically correct. Since a Novice TT Driver Permit is the first driver licensing on the SCCA competition license ladder, "a (meaning any) SCCA Competition License" covers it I think.

David Whitener

There is one part about this I don't like... "Drivers with limited or no track experience"


I don't really want to be on track at this high level of event with someone with zero track experience.

Michael Anthony Neat

You won't be, there are different run groups. Novice doesn't run with advanced and they can only have passing in straight with point by. Advanced runs point by in turns, open passing in straights

Corrine Ann Carter

David, if you have experience, you won't be with drivers with no experience in a TE :-). See what Michael wrote. As for the TT events proper, drivers must have some experience and a TT license or novice permit before running against the clock. Think about W2W racing; brand spanking new novice drivers are right out there with drivers with full comp licenses and years of experience in the same run groups. We don't shove W2W novice into a separate race group once they have received their novice permits. Same applies to TTs. Come on out and join the fun! It really is a great way to get on track without the W2W commitment of upfront equipment costs.