Two Lies and the Truth- The SCCA April Fool's Day Challenge

Yes, we all know it is April Fool's Day.  And we also know that our members are way too savvy to fall for some fake announcement about the Runoffs going to Silverstone in 2021, or that the Gen 4 Spec Racer kit will include an orange safety flag atop a 6-foot pole.  But we do want to have a little fun in between family meals and egg hunts.  So we have crafted the SCCA April Fool's Day Challenge.  To participate, simply read the below 3 options and tell us which one is the truth and which two are lies.

Road Rally is going Pro!!

ProRally is BACK, but this time on roads!  That’s right, SCCA Pro Racing is excited to announce the 2019 launch of The American Pro Road Rally Series, with stops in 7 states.  The series is designed to engage aspiring professional teams who are not able to make the leap to road racing but are looking for a professional series to showcase their driving and navigation talents.  The series is looking to offer 5 classes, potentially including a spec-Miata inspired class based on the 1992 Mazda 626.

Blipshift and SCCA take on Fashion!

The Secret Car Club or America no more, SCCA is partnering with blipshift to launch the club into the automotive fashion market!  Members will be encouraged to submit their designs, and of course, will be thanked for their input.  Rumor has it BFGoodrich is jumping on board to give a set tires for the winning idea.  So, sharpen your pencils SCCA, it's design time!

TT Nationals never gonna give you up!

How do you make an event an experience?  According to Director of Experiential Programs, Heyward Wagner, the answer is music.  In fact, the event team for the inaugural TT Nationals is pleased to announce that every entry in the event will include an live concert experience on Saturday night featuring 80’s rock and internet meme sensation Rick Astley.  Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.


Think you’ve got it?  Cast your vote here!