Paul F Jensen

I watched the first broadcast yesterday and it was very good.  The biggest thing that I noticed about the broadcast was the huge variety of ads that were sold by CBSSN for the broadcast.  Everything from Geico Insurance to Ram Trucks and everything in between.  They have obviously packaged this broadcast in a pool of motorsports programming that appeals to a variety of ad buyers.  The only Grassroots Motorsports specifically targeted ads were the MotorTrend on Demand ads.  Everything else is what you would expect to see watching College Football or a College Basketball game.  I still miss the SPEED TV  pre-race spotlights of the contenders.  The production quality of the broadcast was superior to many of the "Pro" races broadcast this past year.   There was a nice plug for the club and the F&C Specialty during the broadcast.  Keep it up and EXPAND!

It might be nice to look at some Google analytics to see if there is a spike in searches during the broadcast.     

Chuck McAbee

While CBS SN is better than nothing - CBS SN doesn't have much reach to ATTRACT THE INTEREST of people that don't know of SCCA.  Putting races on Media is all about attracting attention to SCCA and what fun it offers car people.

Gregory S Nelson

Glad to see the coverage air during the racing broadcast downtime!

Chuck McAbee

Whoop D F'n Doo.  My cable provider doesn't make CBS SN accessible to me.

John Davison

There always has to be one person who complains about something ... 

Tim W.

There's this thing called the Interwebs...CBS Sports is available on well as Smartphones and tablets. If you WANT to see it, you CAN.

Gordon P Taylor

Good news that coverage is starting again. Hope to see it expanding in the future.


Paul F Jensen

Thank-you, this is a great start.  Now, let's figure out how to get all the races on TV and recap of the Solo Nats. and Rallycross as well. 

Jon engelhart

Lets keep this sport moving forward. TV time will only help it grow. Some of the best racing this year came from the SCCA classes. Great job. Looking forward to watching.