Tire Change for CAM Cars

In keeping with the desire to preserve CAM rules as both brief and straightforward, the SCCA Rally/Solo Department has decided to only maintain an exclusion list for CAM competition tires.  The Department has opted to add the Yokohama ADVAN A052 to the exclusion list as that tire is considered to be one of the few that is just slightly “over the line” when it comes to an acceptable performance level for CAM vehicles.

While CAM has few regulations overall, tires will continue to be substantially regulated for this category.  Rules adjustments can be reviewed at the 2017 CAM Category Rules webpage.

Brandon Jeremy Preston Meeks

What things about the tire make it over the line? Is there a chance it will become allowed in the future? Thanks! JW because I already purchased a set, thought it was ok because of 200TW.

William Burkholder

Where do you measure the 8"at on a rear spoiler that have a curve rear deck at  in cam class