Larry Dent: 1934-2017

Larry Dent, an SCCA® member since 1963, passed away earlier this week.  Larry and his wife, Linda, were both inducted into the Sports Car Club of America® Hall of Fame this past January.


A member of the Fort Wayne Region, Larry began his involvement in the Club as a racer, where he and Linda met.  Over the years, the Dents helped design the SCCA Safety Steward program, a vital initiative that improved motorsports safety as a whole.


“Larry’s legacy is absolutely immeasurable,” said Lee Hill, SCCA’s Board of Directors Chairman.  “There is so much he did for this Club on both the national and regional level.  He made an impact on the way we conduct events, and acted as a mentor for so many people. Larry was just a great person.  So many great experiences to share, and a great storyteller to boot.  Saying he’ll be missed is truly an understatement.”


Since the late 1960s, Larry had been an SCCA Chief Steward.  He also served the SCCA for nine years as a member of the Board of Directors, and was a member of the Executive Committee, serving as liaison to the Competition Board.  Also, Larry served three years as Chairman of the Board for the SCCA Foundation, during which time he significantly improved the Foundation’s financial standing.


In 2008, Larry received the Woolf Barnato award, the top award for service to the Sports Car Club of America. Outside the Club, he also served as executive director of a collector cars museum in Auburn, Indiana, for five years. Additionally, Larry worked as a TV weatherman, was vice president of K&K Insurance, and retired from 3M as a technical sales representative for the printing products division.


Donations in Larry’s name can be made to the following organizations:


Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana
601 Nobel Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46825


H.O.P.E. for Animals
1333 Maplecrest Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


Black Pine Animal Sanctuary
P.O. Box 2
Albion, IN 46701

  • Michel Strickland

    God Speed, Larry!

    Sometimes we think we know about another person and later we find out the things which mean so much more, and bring us closer to that person.  It was not until I read the piece about Larry that I put it all together.  I saw his face and I knew that I had known him in some small but important to me way.  When I read he had been a weather man, it popped!  I worked in intelligence during my military career and as such, it was important for me to be able to provide accurate weather predictions for the area of operations of whatever element to which I was assigned when working that sub-specialty of my career.  I was sent to a civilian meteorological school and it called for a two week internship at a news station working as an assistant to a "real life" weather man.  I did not work directly with Larry, but I visited his station and spoke with him on two occasions including lunch on one day.  We talked all things cumulus, but never mentioned our shared passion for motorsports.  As much of a great opportunity that was lost without broaching that subject, it was probably a good thing, as I would have been enthralled to hear of his experiences and missed the things I needed to learn from him in order to pass the final meteorological exam.

    Larry was not a forgettable man.  I certainly hope and feel certain he left such a great impression on everyone as he left on me.  I remember so strongly about his passion for what he was doing, whatever it was.  Mentoring over lunch seemed to me that he was doing what he felt was the most important thing he would do all day.  When he buttered his roll, he shared his concentration on that with providing me with the most concise response to a question I had posed.  In short, he was a very impressive man and as a young Army Captain starting a new sub set of skills, I wanted to learn how to exude such confidence when I would have a chance to provide weather prognosticatians, trafficability concerns for all vehicles on all possible surfaces they may encounter and give a general overview for air traffic for our helicopters and how weather may affect close air support from the Navy and Air Force.  Jack understood what my needs were and he mentored me appropriately.  Later, I carried him into every briefing with me and his company was very helpful.  Thank you, Larry for being such a great person!  

    I did not have a chance to meet his wife, but I remember how he impressed me by speaking warmly of her and it was quite obvious to me that he loved her dearly.  I pass on my wishes for serenity for all involved and know that heaven is a better place now with him there and no doubt rearranging for a more meaningful and safe delivery of weather patterns with the One in charge.  

  • Mike Pinney

    Larry was the first person you would see in the 70's if you won a race at Mid-Ohio, always there to interview the winners and ask all the right questions. A great guy who will be missed by many. God Speed my friend!


  • Corrine Ann Harleman

    Larry was such a great man.  I will miss visiting with him in the Ferrari Motorhome during race weekends.  RIP friend.

  • Michael Lewis

    Served on the board of directors with larry.  Great guy.  Definitely spoke his mind.  With his 50+ years of deep involvement with the club, he was very much intertwined with almost it's entire history.  green flags and fresh rubber my friend!!