Mark E. Hobbs

Were videos of the Formulas 500, Vee, and Continential laps not recorded?  In the absence of a GT-1 video, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, it sure would be nice to see a video of the course run at GT-1 comparable speeds.  That is, in a Formula Continential.  If video(s) exist(s), can it be posted?

Eric Prill

Mark- Unfortunately those cars only ran in the wet, so data and video aren't much help compared to the SRF3 and SM.

Erik Messley

I also agree it would have been very nice to have a GT-1/higher horsepower car available at the test. Nobodies "fault" as it was planned to be...just unfortunate.  I also agree with Don Knowles about the 5-6 turn elimination to yield a better racing track (as opposed to a time trial track which would be more fun/challenging as proposed).  Alternatively, or in addition to this 5-6 modification, I believe that the end of the Hulman Straight using the sharper "Indycar" left hand turn 7 would yield much better racing action.  Although the sweeping left hand turn 7 looks very fun from a Time Trialing standpoint, using it greatly inhibits an excellent passing zone opportunity and thus better racing.  I envision many accidents/off course incidents using the sweeping 7 layout.  Both car videos show very light braking/single downshift at the end of the straight indicating that since passing zones are very sparse as proposed, racers will try to force a higher speed 7 entry pass where obviously only 1 car will be capable of exiting at the traveling speeds.  Again, from a Time Trialing standpoint, the sweeping 7 looks very fun and challenging though it appears that Indycar may have the better layout idea.

Brian Thomas Himes

When you look at in car video (Porsche Club) of the track using the kink entering the back straight, you notice curbing in the middle of the track. My guess is most would want to go inboard of the curbing and enforcing staying to the left of the curbing would be difficult with a tight bunch of cars.

Chris Forrer

I agree with Don Knowles.  Please delete the 'new' T6.  'Old' T5 is a fast left-right kink that maintains momentum leading onto the Hulman straight the second longest straight on the course which sets up a great potential passing area at the end which is the 'old' T6.  With the kink the track has a rather nice flow.  My feeling with watching the videos posted that flow pretty much goes away with the 'new' T6.  Also, as noted in the video, the exit for the 'new' T6 will take you way off course to the left to a paved 'runoff' area which is not part of the designated racing surface.  Will this be allowed or will SCCA have to mandate an F1 type rule for track surface boundries?  Just my two cents.

Don Knowles

It would have been helpful to have had the faster GT1 car participate, sorry it crashed. Not SCCA's fault. But--it would help spice up the racing if turns 5-6 were eliminated, creating a second long, fast infield straight--like Daytona or Kansas City and sort of like Homestead. As it is, passing will be limited to the entry of turn 1, while it could have been two passing opportunities per lap, adding another opportunity at turn 7.

Preston C. Calvert

We raced at Indy with IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge in the GS class with a Mustang Boss 302 in 2014.  

IMSA uses a version of the road course which omits Turns 3, 4, and 5.  It substitutes a fast left-right chicane after Turn 2, feeding directly on to the back straight:

This version of the course omits several slow turns, and is better suited to the faster Touring and GT cars.  Why were no Touring or GT cars included in the SCCA Runoffs track test?  I would have thought that input would be relevant to the layout choice.

The faster classes should compete on the 'IMSA' course, even if the current choice is preferred by others.  There is precedent for such an approach, with both Mid-Ohio and Lime Rock using different configurations for cars of different speed potential.

Brad Gross

Preston's idea sounds great to me!!!!

Brad McCall

Thank you guys for posting this so early!!  Round 3 Racing is looking forward to a very fun year of SCCA competition.

Paul F Jensen

So stoked!, Jesse, get my engine done!

Eric, thanks for helping to put this together.  It's so exciting; I think it may be why Nico announced his retirement from F1, he needs to focus on qualifying for the Runoffs

Cheryl Babbe

Now! Would not that be great exposure opportunity for Nico to run an SCCA Season and go to RunOffs at Indy! I wonder if anyone in marketing has reached out to him?!!