Heads & Tales: James Chartres

(Editor’s Note: This is an installment in an ongoing series looking at the stories behind helmet designs of SCCA members.  Want to share your story?  Jot down a few words about your helmet, share a bit about what went into creating the design, tell us about the artist, take a couple pictures of the helmet and send it along via email to media@scca.com.)

A racing helmet doesn’t need a kaleidoscope of colors to have meaning.  Heck, some of the most iconic helmets have very simplistic designs.

Take for example the lid of Spec Racer Ford driver James Chartres.  His design is simple, but carries a lot of meaning for him.  It’s a clean look meant to add a little color to a helmet without having to do a full paint job.

“I’m Australian, and Kanga, which is short for Kangaroo, was the obvious choice for a motorsports team,” Chartres said.  “I self-created the logo based on a kangaroo hopping at full speed using a simple blue, black and white color scheme.”

Utilizing Australia’s unofficial symbol of speed on your helmet? Good on ya, mate!


Photo courtesy of Kanga Motorsports