Chuck Bona III

Good for SCCA!  For those of us who don't have the financial/free time capacity as others, this is great news.  I for one, will now do all I can to find a way to make it to Indy. I find it funny that some are feeling discomfort for potentially opening up the flood gates to those drivers who might NOT be the cream of the crop.  While I can appreciate that to a certain extent, doesn't the cream always rise to the top anyway? For run groups like P1/P2 this will almost certainly increase the field; that is great news!  For run groups like SRF and Spec Miata though, which would seemingly have to have a "max entries", I can see how this "no points" might be of concern with no other metric to determine who gets to participate.  I'd have to believe however, that if there were to happen, the powers to be will come up with a plan...have faith people!  At the end of the day, don't we all want the club to grow and thrive?  And for those who are the cream of the crop, wouldn't it sound better that you beat 25-40 cars rather than 10-20?

Thomas J Schultz

In other words, the door is open to anybody. Doing well and finishing high up does not matter. All one has to do is show up three times. Ridiculous. Whatever happened to earning one's way in?

Donnie Isley

It's the day of the new generation...everybody qualifies as long as they can stoke a big check. Years ago it was a big deal just to receive that invitation.

Christopher Ciufo

What is the plan if a class has too many entrants? say you can only run 65 cars but 80 show up, are you going to have pre qualifying before testing begins? Are you going to break the already short qualifying groups into 2? do you really want to turn people away that may have come from as far as say California?

Jonathan C Spiegel

Although points criteria hasbeen removed for Runoffs qualifying, I'm assuming we're still "keeping score" in order to determine conference championships? Also, a little bummed to see that there's only one "shared" Super Tour event for us in Mid States and Southern Conferences, which makes it tough for some of us to make a run at the National Points Championship without some substantial travel (not that I'd be in the running, but others certainly might).

A. Sterling Cole

Does this mean that you can run 6 regionals and qualify for the Runoffs?  Or can you only substitute one major for two regionals (2 majors, 2 regionals)?  Also, do the regionals have to be divisional events?