Steve Rose

This new structure is absolutely horrible and too confusing. It was bad before, now it's worse. How about run 3 weekends and you are in. It's mostly the same folks coming anyway. Start turning people away from the runoffs when the classes fill up, but you all need to fix this.

Jay Messenger

Does a Majors outside your conference qualify to earn an invite throught the Majors path?

Bold and underscore added for emphasis:

Answer 1 from the press release:

"For those involved in Hoosier Super Tour or U.S. Majors Tour Conference events, drivers must first participate in a minimum of three separate weekends, in any Conference, and have a minimum of three individual race starts, all in the same class.  Additionally, competitors must meet one of the following:


Answer 2 from the press release:

"And it’s important to note that points are only earned in the Conference overseeing a race weekend, except for Super Tour events where points count toward both the Hoosier Super Tour Championship and the Conference organizing the event.



Not sure if this is intended or not but a legal read of the words provide that an out of division Majors would count for the weekend criteria but not for the points criteria - everyone should consider this in their planning.



Mark Z Goodman

I'm just getting back into the program after being gone a few years...when I left, it was Regionals and Nationals, so obviously that's been a while, but it was very easy to determine how to get to the runoffs.  This "three path" route to Runoffs qualification is the most confusing thing I have ever read.  I'm not sure one could come up with a more convoluted system or explanation.

Ron Copeland

It is so hard underst and what the heck it takes  to qualify

This year drivers were confused  all year as to the regional path

This should be very easy to understand yet most feel it is confusing  an restrictive 

Jay Messenger

I personally witnessed this during 2016 when great, loyal and caring registrars and divisional board members couldn't answer the question as to what would qualify.  I also witness two drivers running the same on track race and paid the same entry fee yet one (me) didn't get divisional credit since it was a majors race.

During the year I was told more than once that the new path complexity would be mediated by the intentional change in the runoffs supps to allow for more lenient waivers to qualify.  I applied and was never even answered - so I finally withdrew after all the deadlines to make the race were missed.  In reading the board minutes, I do not recall any waivers issued for the whole nation.

Jay Messenger

It is hard to believe there is no reciprocity between all events within a geographically defined path

My plea -

1. all Super tour or Majors in a division count towards that division points

2. all Super tour events within a conference count towards the Majors conference points.

3. double race weekends count as two weekends instead of one for the purpose of the number of weekend requirement

4. all majors anywhere count towards a conference majors championship not just the ones in the geographic defined conference (would allow racers to earn points in neighboring conference majors that might be closer than in-conference majors for many), (would allow conferences with limited number of majors to qualify participants to the runoffs through this path).

5. if none of the above then count any race of any kind towards the national points system so that the people who can't play the games of this crazy path system will have a chance to just earn points and prove themselves.