David M Jones

Having witnessed the incident involving Sloe/McDermid (and Dresi/Ruman at last year's MidOhio TransAm) ... assault with a deadly weapon is not a reach at all.  Aggresive driving is one thing ... planning to take someone down is way over the line.

Donald E Harrington

Dave, can you tell me what Drissi's penalty was?

Paul J Moeller

Thank you to the Board for this decisive action.


Courtney Swanson Jr.

It is about time SCCA took action against Tom Sloe as He has been getting away with this for Years. SCCA should be also looking to take action against Andy McDermid as He is no Angel either, both Him and Sloe have had ongoing problems for years. These two Driver's SCCA does not need as both show POOR SPORTSMANSHIP. These Two go against what SCCA is trying to Promote in racing.

Alex Szilagyi

Well you got half your story right. 

Tom D Burek

About damned time.

Chuck McAbee

Bravo BOD!