SCCA RallyCross National Challenge Schedule Unveiled

TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 15, 2015) – The schedule for the 2016 SCCA RallyCross National Challenge have been rolled out. The list of three events will essentially take the experience of the RallyCross National Championships on the road to three different parts of the country.

The season will start out west at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds, in Ridgecrest, California, April 15-17. The next stop will be at Gravel Mountain, in Frostburg, Maryland, July 8-10, with the last event held at Colorado Offroad Extreme, in Deertrail, Colorado, Aug. 5-7.

Each event will be a stand-alone, two-day affair. There is no season-long point structure for the National Challenge. Additional information surrounding the three events, including costs and weekend schedules, will be released in the coming weeks.

“With the change from a Divisional-based to a geographical-based system, the National Challenges will become closer to the RallyCross National Championship,” Steve Hyatt, Chairman of the RallyCross Board, said. “This means RallyCross competitors will get the feel, look and procedures of the highest level of RallyCrossing.

“The three sites chosen and the host Regions, for this year, have a proven record of holding large events. With the National staff and equipment supporting the events, each will be a destination for RallyCross competitors.”

The 2016 RallyCross season will be concluded with the RallyCross National Championship, at the site of the National Balloon classic, in Indianola, Iowa, Sept.30-Oct.2. Additional information on the SCCA RallyCross program can be found on

Image: The moment of impact as a driver get too close to a course cone at the 2015 SCCA RallyCross National Championship.
Credit: Rupert Berrington

L  Culpepper

This is a lot better than having many National events in home divisions that would provide a higher level of competition as compared to a regional event, and would be relativly close to many more competitors and on various terrains each year?

 Why, to save money? Did we lose $$ from Div. events?  

 With just 3 events to choose from, my round trip travel, [ time and distance ] , to the closest Challange event will be only 34 hours and 2,289 miles.  

     Thanks !    

 Good prep for driving to the national championship event. That's just a little bit further, and for how much actual race time? 

Hope the many residents of Frostburg, are prepared for us. [2010 Population: 8,700]   

Joshua Hickey

Frostburg is a college town, so the actual population doesn't include the 5000 students that go to FSU. It's not a country-bumpkin place really.....just a college town/former mining town. A good number of hotels, motels, places to eat and drink, etc. It's not the middle of nowhere that it may look like on a map, lol. In any case, WDCR regularly hosts 40-50 car events there, one of the bigger regions in the country in terms of turnout, and our events run smoothly with a lot of runs even without national support. Should be a good time. You guys who are used to grass and dirt courses, you're in for a's not called Gravel Mountain for no reason (actually, it's not called Gravel Mountain at all....I think Steve Hyatt just invented that name for it. The nearest named peak is called Vale Summit.....coordinates of the venue are: 39.627439, -78.905664 if you want to look it up on Google earth.

Greg Cheney

Seriously? A town of 8700 couldn't accommodate 100 tourists?

And yes the regional (national) challenge events last year did not produce much other than local competition.