Can You Do Your First Track Night in a Supercar?  YES!

It’s a question that gearheads everywhere want to know the answer to: Can you take a supercar to your first track event? Jalopnik writer, Mark Baruth, tested the question at a recent Track Night in America event in Atlanta and the answer is YES!

It all started with a buddy sending this text: “Just bought a new-to-me 991 GT3. Next time you’re in ATL, you’re welcome to drive it.” That offer was not nearly specific enough as David—the buddy—soon found out. Baruth found a Track Night in America event in Atlanta and pitched his plan. He would drive in the Advance Group while his buddy (with essentially no track experience) would run in the Novice Group. This way, they could ride with each other, giving David some coaching, which was probably a good idea considering the circumstances.

 Track Night in America is neither competitive nor instructive. Therefore, an instructor will not be provided, but registered riders are perfectly acceptable. You also don’t have to have a supercar to participate. As long as it meets safety standards, any street-legal car is welcome, and you are guaranteed to have a good time regardless of your ride. Baruth added that “you don’t HAVE to have a supercar to have a freaking blast at Track Night. I can honestly say that I had no more fun in the 991 than I did in my own Fiesta ST earlier in the summer.”

The final Jalopnik recommendation: Go to and find an event near you. Pay the $100 - $150, take your car, and have a blast. “You’ll have a safe, fun, and thrilling way to spend your weeknight.”

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Photos courtesy of Jon Krolewicz