Welcome To The New SCCA.com!

Welcome to the brand new SCCA.com!

The four years since our last redesign has been an eternity in the tech world. A majority of you visit SCCA.com, and all websites, from your smart phone or tablet. Paper registration for events has nearly dried up, and nearly all of us use social media to connect to our friends and family. This site reflects that.

So cut to the chase – what’s here? 

  • SCCA.com is cleaner – the look of the news stories are fresher, more dynamic, and the headlines are easier to scan. Events are prominent on the front page, and the menus have been cleaned up and sorted to make it easier to find all of your favorite programs and information. All of these features will be easy to access no matter what device you use – something we’ll all appreciate in our busy schedules.
  • SCCA.com is now more personalized for you. The first thing that you should do is log-in and complete a profile by clicking the link available to you in the top right hand corner. Your account is actually already there! The email and password that previously used to access your member account on SCCA.com has been carried over to this new site. If you don’t have an account or aren’t yet a member, you can easily create one.
  • Included is a complete event registration system that makes SCCA.com one-stop shopping for events run by the National office, starting with the Tire Rack Solo Nationals and including the Runoffs, and 2016 Convention. The more complete your profile, the quicker your checkout process.
  • With an account, you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate many of your social media aspects into your SCCA life.

You’ve already seen some of it if you’ve visited TrackNightInAmerica.com since the launch of that program in April. Like other social media accounts, you can add friends, send messages, and comment on other’s photos and videos – participants are connecting with each other well past the checkered flag. We’ve seen the difference it makes for us, as a Club, when people remain engaged between events. This will benefit active, part-time, new and prospective members alike. It’s a feature that you have total control over, and one that we’re looking forward to exploring and developing.

Even better, the features and access that you see now won’t be the end of the ride. This is a site that is built to grow. The content will continue to evolve and the front page will be updated regularly.

It’s going to be a change. We in this office understand that more than anyone. The information that you’re looking for is going to be in a different location than you’re used to at first – but it’s all there, from Club Racing to Road Rally, RallyCross to Solo, member benefits to the Hall of Fame. But it’s also easier than ever to renew your membership, or get a friend to join the Club. 

Soon, though, you won’t notice the newness. What you will notice, though, is that you’re more engaged in our Club; that our Club is more engaged with you. That it’s evolving with the motorsports world. That we have a model that others want to emulate. That, more than anything, is what this version of SCCA.com is about.

Click around – explore. Fill out your profile. Add friends. Make yourself at home, and come back regularly. I think you'll be as excited as we are.