SCCA® Announces RallySprint

Topeka, Kan. (April 22, 2015) - Sports Car Club of America® announced the return of the name RallySprint. However, the name is the only thing that is returning. Instead, there will be two formats of RallySprint.

RallySprint 1 will be a longer RallyCross with the possibility of top speeds five to 10 miles per hour faster than the typical RallyCross. RallySprint 2 will be one or two stages of a stage rally site. Each stage will run multiple times and will be scored like RallyCross.

This exciting step forward will start on May 9, 2015, with the first pilot event in RallySprint. The SCCA® RallyCross Board (RXB) has been working towards this day for almost three years. The RXB realized that there was an underserved group of competitors that were not willing to commit to competing in full stage rally but wanted a little glimpse of it. May 9 will see a RallySprints 2 in New Hampshire and May 23 is set for a RallySprints 1 in Prairie City, California.

The RXB will have the full rules package out toward the end of 2015 and hopes to proceed with a full program in 2016. Please watch for more information.

"While RallySprint can provide a good bridge between SCCA RallyCross and stage rally events, it can also provide RallyCross enthusiasts with a faster event opportunity with relatively low hazard levels when open venues are used, thereby serving as a fun and challenging off road experience for SCCA members who are ready to move to another level of competition commitment," Howard Duncan, SCCA Senior Director of Solo® and Rally.

New England Region SCCA is hosting the first RallySprint event at the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire. Long time SCCA RallyCross competitor, Scott Beliveau will be serving as the Event Chair. Scott bring years of both RallyCross and rally experience to the event.

"SCCA RallyCross is 15 years old, now. Many of the 'older' RallyCross racers are searching for more, and have become involved in stage rallying as volunteers, crew, and, in some cases, competitors. In this progression, it's a very big leap from RallyCross to stage rally. SCCA®'s RallySprint program will add a stepping stone to help bridge that gap. It will provide a testing and training arena for people and machines as they move towards the longer, faster stage rallies," explains Beliveau.

"With at least 8 major stage rallies within 8 hours and SCCA® RallyCross thriving in the Northeast, the area is a hot bed of rally related activity and in need of an intermediate sport. RallySprint will provide affordable seat time," continued Beliveau.

Registration opened for the Team O'Neil SCCA RallySprint at the beginning of March. The 30 car entry limit was quickly reached and more than 10 other teams are on a waitlist hoping for a chance to race with SCCA in May.

For more information on RallySprint please contact Brian Harmer at or 1-800-770-2055.