Drivers Qualify for Inaugural Jetta TDI Cup Race

ALTON, VA. €“ Volkswagen of America has announced the results from the driver qualification session and the starting grid positions for the inaugural race of the Jetta TDI Cup to be held Sunday, April 27, at VIRginia International Raceway (VIR). Josh Hurley finished with a qualifying time of 2:14.301 to secure the first pole position in the Jetta TDI cup race to be held at 4:00 p.m. (EST) at VIR. €œI€™m excited to have secured the pole position for the first race of the Jetta TDI Cup series and I am especially thankful to have the support of Gunther Volkswagen,€œ said Hurley. €œThe cars have been performing great this weekend, and we€™re all excited to be able to race these clean diesel vehicles officially for the first time tomorrow.€Complete result information of the qualifying race listed below includes position, car number in parentheses, driver, hometown, fastest lap time, and speed in miles per hour.1, (11), Josh Hurley, Cooper City, Fla., 2:14.301, 87.6532, (39), Caleb Kenney, Berkeley, Calif., 2:14.557, 87.4873, (17), Timmy Megenbier, Melrose Park, Ill., 2:14.640, 87.4334, (20), Mark Pombo, Duluth, Ga., 2:14.806, 87.3255, (42), Derek Jones, Philadelphia, Pa., 2:14.819, 87.3176, (18), Jimmy Underhill, Denver, Colo., 2:15.240, 87.0457, (5), David Jurca, Federal Way, Wash., 2:15.310, 87.0008, (4), Juan Pablo Sierra Lendle, Puebla, MX, 2:15.471, 86.8969, (35), Liam Kenney, Sterling, Va., 2:15.484, 86.88810, (36), Michael DeNino, Gaithersburg, Md., 2:15.572, 86.83211, (37), Chris Castagna, Boston, Mass., 2:15.619, 86.80212, (31), Chris Holman, Burlington, Ontario, 2:15.620, 86.80113, (15), Ryan Buetzer, Long Beach, Calif., 2:15.670, 86.76914, (2), Adam Crepin, St. Louis, Mo., 2:16.022, 86.54415, (29), John Shim, Starkville, Miss., 2:16.059, 86.52116, (40), Jake Dallenbach, San Antonio, Texas, 2:16.091, 86.50117, (23), Wyatt Dallenbach, San Antonio, Texas, 2:16.221, 86.41818, (33), Evan Pflock, Rendondo Beach, Calif., 2:16.222, 86.41719, (6), Andy Lee, Colorado Springs, Colo., 2:16.345, 86.33920, (38), Gary Williams Jr., Dana Point, Calif., 2:16.360, 86.33021, (30), Chris Kuenning, Grand Rapids, Mich., 2:16.370, 86.32422, (16), Chad Brassfield, Phoenix, Ariz., 2:16.392, 86.31023, (22), James Kirkham, Beaverton, Ore., 2:16.397, 86.30624, (32), Adam Kretschmer, Brampton, Ontario, 2:16.498, 86.24325, (12), Nick Mancuso, Mettawa, Ill., 2:16.789, 86.05926, (26), Andrew Cordeiro, Woodbridge, Ontario, 2:17.187, 85.80927, (14), David Richert, Niverville MB, Canada, 2:17.191, 85.80728, (25), Adam Love, Normal, Ill., 2:18.002, 85.30329, (41), Taylor Broekemeier, Fort Collins, Colo., 2:18.333, 85.099All drivers in this innovative race are participating using factory prepared and managed 2009 Jetta TDI clean-diesel vehicles powered by a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder TDI engine. The Jetta TDI is lightly modified from spec, featuring race-ready suspension and brakes, and a six-speed double-clutch automatic DSG transmission. Additionally, to highlight its environmental dedication Volkswagen has partnered with to certify the entire race series as carbon free.The Jetta TDI Cup series, the first all clean-diesel race series, is sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing, Inc.