RallyCross Contingency Awards Posted for 2015

TOPEKA, Kan. (Jan. 23, 2015) – The Sports Car Club of America announced the official contingency programs for the 2015 SCCA RallyCross® National Challenge events. In addition to the National Challenge events, these same companies will also give awards to top-three finishers at the RallyCross National Championship.

The National Challenge program is slated for nine events, with a majority of the dates and locations still to be announced. Four companies have pledged their support for this growing national-level program.

Mazda, the Official Car of SCCA, will offer contingency payouts for both the National Challenge events and season-ending championship. At each Challenge event, Mazda North American Operations will award an eligible class winner $200, with second place earning $125. At the National Championship, an eligible driver who scores a national title can cash in on a $750 payday. A runner-up finisher, meeting the program requirements, at the National Championship will earn $500, with the third-place driver getting $250.

Honda Performance Development will incentivize owners of Honda and Acura machines to complete in RallyCross competition with a contingency program, as well. Top three finishers in class at National Challenge events will be awarded $150, $100 and $50, respectively. HPD will also award eligible drivers, at the National Championships, with a $500 bonus for winning their class. Second place will be eligible to receive $300, with the eligible third-place driver pocketing $100.

Subaru will also be offering cash prizes to those drivers competing with the marque. At National Challenge events the company will offer payouts of $300, $200 and $100 to eligible top-three finishers in each class, in that order. Subaru will also support the National Championships by awarding prizes to the podium finishers of eligible classes. The winner will be eligible for a $1,250 check. Second- and third-place drivers enrolled in the program will be eligible to earn $750 and $500, respectively. At both levels, Subaru will be supplying contingency funds for only the Stock Rear-Wheel-Drive, Stock All-Wheel-Drive, Prepared Rear-Wheel-Drive, Prepared All-Wheel-Drive, Modified Rear-Wheel-Drive and Modified All-Wheel-Drive classes.

Hawk Performance, the Official Brake Products of SCCA, will award competitors during the season and at the National Championship. At National Challenge events, class winners meeting the program requirements will earn a $35 product certificate. Second and third places will also be eligible for product certificates in the amount of $25 and $10, respectively. Eligible National Champions will receive a $75 certificate, with second getting a $50 certificate and third getting a $25 certificate.

Dates and locations of the 2015 RallyCross National Challenge events will be announced once the schedule is finalized, in the coming weeks.

For further information on the SCCA RallyCross program, please visit http://www.scca.com/rallycross/. Background on the RallyCross National Challenge series can be found here.

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