• SEB Approves new Electric Vehicle Provisional Class

    The SEB has released the ruleset for a new provisional class - Electric Vehicles Experimental (EVX). This ruleset draws from Street and Street Touring with the intention of choosing common-sense allowances to balance...Read more
  • ProSolo Update 4/15/2021

    The ProSolo Team wanted to send a brief update to the SCCA community. We identified the reason for the tree failure in Charlotte and have implemented a design change to eliminate that path to failure. We are currently...Read more
  • Spring Nationals to be 2 Tire Rack Champ Tours

    As we stated last week, it has been our intention to give members the chance to have 4 straight days of cone dodging at the Tire Rack SCCA Spring Nationals over the Memorial Day weekend in Lincoln. After considering the...Read more
  • 2021 Tire Rack SCCA Lincoln Spring Nationals Options

    We are committed to the best possible experience for our members at all Tire Rack SCCA National Solo events. With that, we continue to work hard to bring ProSolo back. However, at this time we cannot commit to a ProSolo being...Read more
  • Conners to Lead ProSolo Program Development

    Brian Conners has joined the SCCA National Solo Staff in the role of National Solo Series Business Operations Engineer.  From this role he will lead the National Solo Field Team through the process of root cause analysis,...Read more
  • Concrete Returns to Texas and the Tire Rack National Solo Schedule

    Thanks to phenomenal work from Houston Region SCCA, and specifically Daniel and Laurie McCelvey, a new national-caliber concrete site has become available in South Texas. The Tire Rack South Texas Championship Tour will take...Read more
  • 2021 ProSolo Season Update

    By now, we are all aware that there were challenges faced at the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA Charlotte ProSolo (read here). The post-event analysis of what happened and why has revealed problem areas beyond the tree malfunction that...Read more
  • National Solo Series Program Update

    Registration for the New Jersey ProSolo—originally scheduled to open for SuperPass holders this afternoon—is being paused in advance of a ProSolo Town Hall now scheduled for tomorrow night. The Town Hall—scheduled for...Read more
  • Crows Landing ProSolo and Champ Tour Updates

    In the National Solo Notes from Howard 2/17/21 edition, it was mentioned that the two Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Events scheduled for Crows Landing, CA in April are in question due to the CV19 infections and local officials...Read more
  • JDP Pilot Program March Update

    Current Status: As announced during a 2021 SCCA National Convention session, the suspended Junior Driver Program (JDP) has been reviewed by the Solo Events Board (SEB), a special JDP Committee, and the SCCA Board of...Read more
  • National Solo Notes from Howard - 2/17/21 edition

    National Solo Notes from Howard, 2-15-21 Edition Hi Folks, Several times in past National Solo Notes I have used the term “uncertainty” to describe the environment we face in trying to schedule and conduct events in 2021....Read more
  • 2021 SCCA National Solo Schedule Grows

    As promised, SCCA’s Solo Department has added more events to the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo events calendar! New events:June 18-20: Tire Rack SCCA Finger Lakes Championship Tour, Romulus, NY July 9-11: Tire Rack SCCA...Read more
  • National Solo Notes from Howard - 2/1/21 edition

    National Solo Notes from Howard, 2-1-21 Edition Hello Again, This edition of the National Solo Notes will be a collection of news shorts to either clarify past information or to answer some questions we have received. As...Read more
  • National Solo Notes from Howard - 1/20/21 edition

    Hey Folks,   This edition of the National Solo Notes is an overview of the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo program, including rules, classes, index factors, and Finale eligibility. The details will be in the 2021 ProSolo (PS)...Read more
  • National Solo Notes from Howard - 1/13/21 edition

    Hi Folks, I think we can all agree that last season was a challenging and troubling time for the SCCA Solo Community, just as it was for the entire nation. However, what may not be immediately apparent is that the impact of...Read more