8/16 EDIT: The Individual Paddock Registration email has been sent to all Solo Nationals drivers. The link to the paddock map is https://arcg.is/1jemKa0 and is available for viewing. The registration form will not activate until 6pm Central. 

As you click on available spaces, this is what you'll see:

If you are on the waitlist, you can also select a spot, however, confirmed drivers will have priority. As you complete the registration form, you'll select NO on the "Are you registered" question and then immediately email solopaddock@scca.com for additional assistance. 


If you're headed to Lincoln in September, need a place to put your stuff for about a week, and didn't join in on a Group Paddock for 2023, you'll get to register for your paddock spot beginning tomorrow, August 16th, at 6pm Central!

Individual Paddock Registration will look very similar to last year:

  • All Solo Nationals drivers will receive an email with the link ahead of registration opening through MotorsportReg. This program announcement will also be updated.
  • Drivers will navigate to the paddock map and find their desired spot. Available spots will be outlined in a blue or purple box. When you click on the spot, you will find a link to a registration form.
  • In order to complete the form, drivers will need the following information:
    • Your name, as registered on MotorsportReg
    • The email address that you registered with on MSR
    • Your number and class (in that order, no spaces). For example, you'd enter 1AM or 99CAMC.
    • Your ranked preferred paddock area (lower, middle, upper) in case there is a conflict with your chosen space
    • If you need more than one 25x25 space (for an RV or other large vehicle)
    • If you want to paddock near other competitors (you'll need their name, as registered in MSR, and their number & class). This may override your space choice from the map!

As spots are claimed, the blue/purple box will be removed. Drivers will receive an email to advise of their confirmed spot within 24 hours.

If multiple people are completing the form for the same spot, the person who submits the completed form first will win the spot. All others will receive an email from SoloPaddock with an alternate spot assigned.

If at any point in the process you have questions or issues with the map app, email Mat and Danny at solopaddock@scca.com