Ford Performance’s contingency program for the 2023 Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Road Racing season has been announced, with healthy cash payouts for six classes, spanning four production-based road racing classes, one spec class, and one formula class.

Those driving Ford-powered Touring 1, Touring 2, Touring 3, and American Sedan® race cars will receive cash payouts for first to third places when competing in 2023 SCCA U.S. Majors Tours, with Ford’s Spec Racer Ford Gen3 cash contingency payouts applying to Sunday races during Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour weekends. Ford-powered FF racers will be battling for a single cash prize earned by Conference points champions.

Ford Performance 2023 Contingency Payouts
T1, T2, T3, AS
1st: $500 cash; 2nd: $300 cash; 3rd: $200 cash

SRF3 (Super Tour Sunday only):
1st: $275 cash; 2nd: $250 cash; 3rd: $225 cash

FF Conference Championship:
$1,000 cash

In all instances, a minimum of five starters are required for the contingency payout to apply. In addition, correct stickers must be applied to the race car, with contingency submissions made digitally within 30 days of the eligible event.

Drivers who competed in U.S. Majors Tour and Super Tour weekends earlier in 2023 can still apply for contingency payouts even if the 30-day deadline has passed.

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