The Pro Solo Index Committee, which is comprised of 7 committee members, has met and recommended the following updates to the Pro Solo Class PSI factors as well as their recommended class adjustments. The National Pro Solo Staff has accepted these changes and will implement them into the 2023 Pro Solo rules.

The changes and PSI factors are listed below and the following summary of the major changes.

  • STS to return to a non-indexed class. The STS class rebounded in 2022 averaging 7.1 entries per event, and 9 times would have made the minimum for a class in 2022.
  • DS (2wd) moves from S5 to a non-index class. The popularity of DS (2wd) entries rapidly increased throughout the season and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon averaging 7.0 entries per event and for the last 10 events in a row it would have made its own class in 2022.
  • SS (2wd) moves from S3 to a non-indexed class. SS (2wd) entries increased throughout the year to 7.8 per event and would have made its own class in 9 events supporting its move to a non-index class for 2023.
  • L4 is created, moving SSCL into its own class. While the numbers aren’t quite at the level for an automatic move to their own class, they are very close and have been trending up prompting the move to their own class.
  • Other notable changes:
    • ASP and BSP have been eliminated from the National Solo Rule Book.
    • Add EVX (2wd) to Street Index class S3.
    • Add EVX (4wd) to Street Index class S4
    • Add XS (2wd) to Street Index class S3.
    • Add XS (4wd) to Street Index class S4.

For the full summary and updated ProSolo Index numbers, check out more here.