The Solo Events Board (SEB) held a special meeting on June 20th, 2022 to discuss the general availability of competition tires and the eligibility of the new NEXEN tire for National Solo Competition. Based on the information available to the SEB, the NEXEN N FERA Sport R did not meet all the requirements set forth in Section 13.3 TIRES. Therefore, the NEXEN N FERA Sport R tire is not eligible for national competition until the completion of the 2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships.

Section 13.3 is not a mandatory section for Region competition.  As such, the tire is eligible for Region/Division competition at the discretion of Region-led programs.

The SEB continues to monitor and discuss tire availability leading up to the 2022 Tire Rack SCCA National Championship event, but at this time does not see a need to make any competition rules adjustments.