Solo Nationals is as much about community as it is about competition. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the paddock! Our goal for 2022 is to help foster this sense of community – think tailgating at sports events. You have your spot that you return to year after year, you get to know your neighbors and you know where to find all the good parties as soon as you arrive on site.


Step one, and a change from last year, will be to register for Solo Nationals. You will not be assigned an official spot in paddock until you are registered for the event. The MSR registration file will be used to confirm registration status.

If you attended Solo Nationals last year and have no changes in your needs (amount of space or location due to bringing a large rig vs not, etc), cool deal! Simply register for Nationals to secure your spot. Paddock space requirements and such may result in a shift, but we’ll do our best to keep you in the same general area.

If you were part of a group last year and want to remain in that group, reach out to your Region Wrangler/Group Leader to make sure you’re on their list again. To make their lives easier, please register for Nationals promptly. The groups will be assigned a block of spaces based on the number of registered competitors.

Do you have different needs this year? Were you unable to make it to Nationals in 2021? You will: 1. register for Nationals and 2. select your desired paddock spot as part of Individual Paddock Registration, which opens on Thursday, August 11. (More details to follow)

If you are joining a new or different group paddock for 2022, make sure you’re on that Group Leader’s list, and they will coordinate with the Paddock Chief.


There ARE a couple of refinements to the process regarding group sizes. The minimum group size will be 6 competitors. If you have 5 or less people in your group, you can register during the individual paddock registration time period, or join a larger group.

If you were your Region Wrangler/Group Leader last year and are up for the task again this year – start gathering your names - Mat Beck (The Paddock Chief) will be in contact with you (Check your inbox for an email from “Solo Paddock”). If you are no longer your Region’s Group Leader, please have the new person reach out to him at

Like last year, a Group’s paddock spaces will be placed on the map, with names randomly assigned to a space. If you would like to place individual competitors in specific spots that will be reflected on the paddock map, that can be arranged once the final Group paddock map has been released (usually in late July). You will be sent a list of space numbers and you can send back a list of names for each spot. Otherwise, you can choose the “first come, first served” hands-off model for your Group.

If you’re a new group looking for a home in paddock, go ahead and gather your names and reach out to the Paddock Chief at


Group Paddock Registration will close at 12:01am Central on Thursday, August 4. All competitors will need to use the Individual Paddock Registration process after that date.