The South Texas ProSolo moved the team closer to operational excellence and efficiency. Many things went well and “just worked” as designed. We were all disappointed by the error discovered in the challenge (competitor names did not populate, just the car number). The last full test of the challenge was at Moultrie and it was successful. We experienced the rule of unintended consequences; we fixed something else that caused this error. Our apologies.

1. 2021 nemesis of missed right finishes did not occur at Moultrie, FIRM, or Beeville.

2. There were no timing errors during the three sessions.

3. There were no reruns due to equipment or software.

4. There were no “lost” or missing times.

5. The audit process continues to improve with only minor formatting issues remaining. We have a longer-term goal of creating the audit from an independent data source.

6. The barcode failure rate at the FIRM exceeded 3%. That was reduced to less than 1% at Beeville. There were no misreads (the most common error). The only barcode issue we encountered was a failure to read. The bar read success rate will only improve as we convert more competitors to the new 2D DataMatrix style bar code.

7. The camera system continues to provide data to determine “what happened” when events are questioned or when timing and scoring needs a review of a particular event.

8. Our backup systems operated without error. Including our new “SoloLive” for the backup system. This gives the timing admins quick access to data without running reports.

We are looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to run the challenges. There will not be a major change in 2022 but we are focusing on how to decrease the time it takes to run the Challenges. Member involvement is a priority as we sort through the ideas. Look for a town hall on the subject as the season progresses.