The SCCA National Solo staff has elected to suspend the Solo Triad award for 2022. The intention is to use 2022 as an opportunity to learn about member interest in the award and seek criteria that will strengthen the concept going forward for 2023 and beyond.


The SCCA Solo Triad Award was born out of the desire to offer Solo competitors an opportunity to achieve an accomplishment on par with Club Racing’s SCCA Road Racing Super Sweep Award. The Super Sweep is rightfully dubbed “the most difficult accomplishment a driver can achieve”. It takes a significant commitment and to be awarded, you must win a Conference Championship, a Nationwide Points Championship, and your National Championship Runoffs Race, all in the same class.


For various reasons, the Solo Triad Award has struggled to establish a consistent trio of accomplishments to define the award. Several formulas have been tested, but none have proven to be the right balance of accomplishments worthy of such a difficult challenge.


Clearly, winning a Nationals Champion’s Jacket is the pinnacle of our sport and thus a championship is the cornerstone of the Triad Award. With the creation of Solo National Tour Points, there is now a strong contender for the second element, though it is untested.


There are some interesting ideas for the third element, looking at ways to tie Regional or Divisional achievement to the award, but none have proven to have the constancy or trackability needed. And, with new staffing for the National Solo Series, there is good cause to pause the award and allow for focus on event execution.


While SCCA is taking a pause to evaluate the award, our partner Mazda will continue their contingency program for Mazda drivers winning Solo Nationals and two National Tour Events in the same class. Full details of their program can be found here.