The ProSolo team completed a testing day in Toledo on May 11. The results have given us the pathway to make changes and repairs that will improve the system and increase the reliability. Our focus is to verify the system consisting of the Start Tree and the Software will operate as intended. There is a closed mock event planned for the first week of June where we will be able to verify the changes, we made based on the Toledo test.

Based on the results of the early June test we intend to have a “dress rehearsal” ProSolo beginning with Summer Nationals in Bristol, TN. We will communicate to the competitors the changes we made and give an outline of how the tree presents the start sequence to a competitor. Our goal is to present an event that meets the expectations of both the SCCA staff and our members. The membership has clearly communicated they would prefer the option of attending events in 2021. We all look forward to seeing you in Bristol!

The registration dates for the remaining regular-season Tire Rack ProSolo season are:


All events open at 3pm CDT.

Bristol ProSolo – June 7

Packwood ProSolo – June 8

Toledo ProSolo – June 9

Oscoda ProSolo – June 16


The Bristol Champ Tour scheduled to open registration on May 19 at 3pm CDT is still on schedule.