The ProSolo Team wanted to send a brief update to the SCCA community.

We identified the reason for the tree failure in Charlotte and have implemented a design change to eliminate that path to failure.

We are currently planning a validation bench test to verify the Start Tree’s operational performance. (Timing of the lights, the communication to the timing system and the challenge start offsets, etc.) This will be the foundation of a modified restart of the 2021 Tire Rack ProSolo program. This does not include any major changes to the hardware, software and operations. That will take more time and is part of the planning for the 2022 season. Depending on the results of testing we may be in a position to offer Summer Nationals at Bristol Motorspeedway in its traditional format of Pro Solo and Championship Tour.

Thank you to those who are volunteering time and expertise. We have consulted over 12 members and we will continue to avail the generosity our community has offered. Thank you!

Mike Cobb
Heyward Wagner
Howard Duncan
Brian Harmer
Robert Chrismas
Tracy Lewis
Myke Dziengel
Brian Conners