Thanks to phenomenal work from Houston Region SCCA, and specifically Daniel and Laurie McCelvey, a new national-caliber concrete site has become available in South Texas.

The Tire Rack South Texas Championship Tour will take place April 30-May 2 at Chase Field in Beeville, TX. Registration opens for the event on April 7 at 3pm CDT.

Beeville, TX is the county seat of Bee County, located 140 miles south of Austin and 180 miles west of Houston. The facility remains from the former Naval Air Station Chase Field but since has since welcomed motorsports enthusiasts for a variety of events. The more than 15 acres of concrete runways, taxiways, and aircraft parking ramps make it an exciting opportunity for regional and national autocross.

There are plans to use the site for a variety of events, including potentially a ProSolo. If you loved visiting College Station or Crows Landing out west, this site will remind you of both.

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