“More, more, more,” is what SCCA’s Solo Dept. hears from passionate autocross enthusiasts. So, here ya go. More ProSolo and Champ Tour events added to the 2021 schedule. In fact, this is the last bunch of planned additions to the 2021 schedule.

What’s New?

- May 7-9: New Jersey Tire Rack ProSolo; Met Life Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ
- May 21-23: Chicago Tire Rack Champ Tour; Route 66 Raceway; Joliet, IL
- July 23-25: Toledo Tire Rack ProSolo; Toledo Express Airport; Swanton, OH

Okay, But Why?

The New Jersey ProSolo at Met Life Stadium, hosted by SCCA’s Northern New Jersey Region, features asphalt with some small elevation changes. Home to NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets, murmurs persist that Jimmy Hoffa’s vapory image emerges in dark hours backed by a Manhattan skyline.

Northwestern Ohio Region and Toledo Express Airport go together like Max Klinger and Tony Packo's—both are quintessential Toledo and inseparable. This is a ProSolo event that usually sells out quick because it’s one of the best sites in the country.

The Chicago Champ Tour is the first time SCCA’s Chicago Region has hosted a National Solo event in more than 25 years! The Route 66 Raceway venue, located on Chicago’s South Side, features grippy asphalt resulting in exciting 50- to 55-second runs on courses.

Don’t Lose Track

Competitors should continue to monitor the SCCA Solo homepage for additional updates. If you don’t yet follow @SoloMatters on Facebook, now is a great time to click that like button and get the news even sooner.