National Solo Notes from Howard, 2-1-21 Edition

Hello Again,

This edition of the National Solo Notes will be a collection of news shorts to either clarify past information or to answer some questions we have received.

  • As announced at a SCCA National Convention session on January 28th, the suspended Junior Driver Program (JDP) has been thoroughly reviewed by the SEB, a special JDP Committee, and the SCCA Board of Directors. The result is that JDP is being reintroduced in 2021 as a limited pilot program to introduce and study new rules, requirements, and procedures. The details will be made public in the early spring with a target of the first new JDP event in early May. Since this is a pilot program, it would be inconsistent with that purpose for the JDP to be part of the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo program and will not be offered this season.
  • ProSolo Finale Championship eligibility and participation is not tied to a specific car or class; therefore, a driver can run a different car and class than might have been used to determine eligibility.
  • Soon after ProSolo began again last summer we discovered a correction we wanted to make in the ProSolo Index (PSI) factor for CAM-C, but with the franticness at that time it got overlooked and was rediscovered last week. Since we did not want to compound our oversight through another season, the PSI factor for CAM-C will be changed from .813 to .810 before the 2021 season begins.
  • The last item for ProSolo comes from some inadvertent confusion for some folks coming out of last week’s Solo Town Hall at the National Convention. 2021 ProSolo events will use the 2020 ProSolo Rules, but those rules are based on the current National Solo rules when it comes to which cars are in which Solo classes and the related preparation allowances. So, if a car is listed in the 2020 National Solo Rules in XYZ, but for 2021 it has been moved to ABC, the 2021 ProSolo class would be based on how ABC cars were classed in the 2020 PS Rules. The same thing would apply to any preparation changes between the years. Again, the short version is the ProSolo rules for class designations and preparation are based on the CURRENT National Solo rules.
  • There remains a high level of uncertainty due to CV19 as we move into the 2021 and that is impacting the planning and communication of decisions related to the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships. Therefore, announcements about key elements of the event, such as the Run/Work order, days running, paddock parking, and a host of other topics are being delayed until June 1, 2021 so we have a better grasp on the event environment we will be confronting.
  • There will be a CAM Challenge component at the ProSolo events in Charlotte, Fontana, Topeka, and Bristol that will include a streamlined CAM Challenge limited to no more than 8 cars and no second drivers that will determine a CAM Top eliminator with minimal impact on the length of the event on Sunday. Additionally, the traditional stand-alone CAM Challenge at Peru in August will also be part of the 2021 CAM Challenge program. Stay tuned for more details.
  • The Extreme Street category launched last year just weeks before the CV19 shutdown is being re-launched this season with its class designations simplified to XA and XB. The Extreme classes will also be featured at the Peru CAM Challenge mentioned above, with more details later.
  • The Solo Community is encouraged to attend the sessions offered at the 2021 SCCA Virtual National Convention that continues through part of February. You can find information at


I hope to see you at a start line soon!

Howard Duncan – Senior Manager, National Solo Field Operations