The Solo Events Board (SEB), in partnership with the Solo Safety Committee (SSC), SCCA Staff and with the approval of the Board of Directors (BoD) have identified the following team as the core assessment committee who will conduct the evaluation of the current Junior Driver Program (JDP) program:

  • Tim Brueske (Solo Safety Committee member; Divisional Safety Steward)
  • Julian Garfield (Multi-time Solo Nationals FJ Class winner; Junior Kart Steward for Solo Nationals)
  • Tom Harrington (Kart Advisory Committee member)
  • Larry MacLeod­ (Kart Modified driver; former Junior Kart Steward)
  • Stephen Miller (Junior Kart Steward)

Note: Bob Davis, SEB Chair, will coordinate SEB oversight of the Committee, and Brian Harmer from the National Office will provide committee support.

This small agile team will start their work on this project immediately, and will engage the broader junior kart community as an advisory group at key points as the project progresses. Additional information regarding process and next steps related to this initiative will be shared as a component of the July 8, 2020 Solo Town Hall Webinar. You can find more details and register for the town hall here.