The Tire Rack SCCA National Solo events in Packwood, WA that were cancelled just a few days ago, are now back on the calendar for July 10-12 for the Champ Tour and July 17-19 for the ProSolo.

So, what caused this on/off/on/off/on situation? The site has been up for sale for years with no takers, which was the situation when we first started to create the 2020 National Solo schedule, so the events were on the first draft of the schedule. Then we learned there was a buyer and the events were now off due to the sale negotiations that left us with no knowledge of who would own the property in the summer of 2020. The prospective buyer reached out to us and said he wanted SCCA to be a part of their plans, so the events are back on. In the late winter COVID-19 hit and this stalled out sale discussions and the state restrictions would have prevented the events; off again. A couple of days after our go/no-go deadline and our cancellation of the events we are informed the sale has fallen through and the original owner was welcoming us back AND the COVID-19 restrictions had been eased enough to allow the events to proceed, again.

Registration opens for both events this Wednesday at 3pm CDT:

 July 10-12: Tire Rack Championship Tour

July 17-19: Tire Rack ProSolo