For the 2020 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals the paddock layout as well as some of the procedures are improving.

The first improvement is our Solo city is getting a “downtown.” The Solo Downtown concept is being created for Rows 1 and 2. All vendors (tire and car manufacturers, food, etc) will be placed in the first two rows. Additionally, the Tire Rack Event Center (TREC), formerly known as the Big Fun Tent (BFT), will be rotated 90 degrees and moved further east and take up space in both Rows 1 and 2. The TREC will also contain The SCCA Kids Clubhouse. Tech for both Solo Nationals and ProSolo Finale will be located at the east (plane) end of Row 1.  Row 3 will be for event chiefs. Row 4 will be the closest a competitor can choose a possible open spot

The next improvement will be on how the paddock spaces will be labeled. In the past the system was confusing for some, so we have simplified it. Now each spot is simply a number. The first number will represent the row number followed by the spot. For example, in the first spot on row 20 will now be 2001. The southern spaces in a row will be odd numbers and the northern numbers even. 

Just like in the past there will be region/group tents available for rent. There will be two 30’X30’ and six 20’X30 tents available. Prices have decreased from 2019. The 30’X30’ tents are now $1000 (down from $1500) and the 20’X30’ tents are $800 (down from $1000). The 30’X30’ tents will be placed on each end of row 4. The six 20’X30’ tents have been placed either on the far west of a row or in the middle of a row. All tents are placed in the concrete area and not in the asphalt. Exact locations will be specified during tent rental registration. A maximum of 40 competitors can accompany each tent rental area.

A tent rental must be accompanied by 5 to 40 competitors and these paddock spaces will be pre-populated. Paddock spaces for Group/Region tents rental and Chiefs will be the only paddock spaces pre-populated. Paddock space registration will open in July for all other competitors.

Registration can be found on the Solo Nationals page.

Tent rental registration will open here on April 20 at 3:00pm central.