Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has declared a Public Health State of Emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. In response, the Atlanta Region Board of Directors has determined it will be necessary to postpone the Hoosier Super Tour event scheduled for March 20-22 at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

Multiple issues led to this decision. First, Georgia is in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. The number of confirmed cases doubled in just the last few days, and that number is anticipated to rise in the coming week. Second, Governor Kemp has recommended that persons and organizations follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines regarding social contact avoidance. Among those guidelines is that events that attract a large number of people should not be held. Third, items necessary to decrease chances of contracting the virus (hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes) are currently difficult to secure from retail stores.

Atlanta Region hopes to re-schedule the Hoosier Super Tour at a later date this year. Check back to for future updates on this matter.