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T/S/D rallying, Autocrossing, and Reading
The Big Bang Theory; The Andy Griffith Show
Classical, Least favored: Rap, and Almost least favored: Opera
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Lee Childs, Ian Flemming, and Clive Cussler
Digital Edition of SportsCar
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Bob Sonntag

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Bob Sonntag

Bob Sonntag posted a comment on the event Southern Indiana Regional Solo

ATTENTION:  This event is no longer on the Southern Indiana Region schedule. Find the most current list of Southern Indiana Region events......Read more
Bob Sonntag

Bob Sonntag registered for 2017 SCCA National Convention

2017 SCCA National Convention
Thursday January 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM
Bob Sonntag

Bob Sonntag posted the forum post "About SCCA" for forms???

I don't know if I should hope I'm the only one that finds the SCCA website too guess-n-giggle on finding things (meaning it must just be me), or just be the first to vent that "About SCCA" would seem to be more about how the......Read more
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