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    10 Box Office Flops That were Supposed to Start a Franchise

    There is a long list of films which become blockbuster and then the movie studios, which make that film decided to make a franchise out of that film. Movie studios are becoming more global by taking care of the interest of the worldwide audience and so making the films in such a way that it resonates with the people coming to the theatres. When the movie studios franchise a franchise, it is intended to generate more and more revenue and to cover the losses which occurred due to the flop films. However, sometimes the plan failed to franchise out a movie because sequels crashed at the box office and were unable to get the appreciation of people. Here, is the list of those films which supposed to start a franchise but failed to get the appreciation of audience:-

    10 Box Office Flops That were Supposed to Start a Franchise


    The film came in the year 2015 was made with a large budget, but it lacked in star power. There was a shortage of any recognized name in the movie, which could add to its value. This was an adventurous science fiction film that lacked strong content, which appeals to a family. Moreover, the poor marketing strategy to promote the movie also had an adverse impact on the film. The marketing strategy was so weak that it could not assure the people to come to theatres and watch the movie. In the end, the movie makers sold the rights of this movie to Marvel.

    Ender’s Game

    Ender’s Game was based on the science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card with the identical name but failed to allure the audience and proved to be a flop film. The makers of this movie were willing to make the sequels based by adapting the rest story of Card’s novel, but disappointing box office collection poured cold water on their ideas. The plot of this movie was similar to that of Harry Potter, in which a talented boy sent to a military academy. The boy has to take training so he could fight the aliens and beat them. The film even failed to capture the teenagers and young boys around whom the content of this film was revolving.

    The A-Team

    The makers of this movie dropped the plant to make the sequels of this film, and hence the idea of franchising out this movie came to an end. The storyline of The A-Team could not appeal to moviegoers, and only a few turned up to the cinema halls impacting its earning, which was very low. The weak story, coupled with dull dialogue and some other stupid scenes of this film, made it finally flop.

    King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was released in 2017, and it was planned to make six sequels of this film, but lousy box collection and failure to draw the audience to the movie theatres stopped the makers to make the sequels.

    The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

    The makers of this movie are now trying to entice the audience by making it in the form of TV series once it failed as a movie. The story of this movie was based on the bestselling book written by Cassandra Clare. The film was unable to earn enough revenues, and finally, the makers called off their plans to make the sequels of this movie.

    Green Lantern

    Green Lantern proved to be a great box office disaster and failed to turn up the audience to the movie theaters even though a massive budget was invested in the marketing of this film. The weak pint of the movie was its unimpressive storyline moving around alien astronauts and the main villain, which could be seen as just a huge cloud.

    The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp proved to be a massive box office flop after its release. The film could appeal to the audience in a large number even though have the star cast like Johnny Depp due to its weak storyline. The budget of this film was huge, and so to get the losses recovered had become impossible when the movie flopped pouring water on the ideas of makers to launch its sequels.

    Superman Returns

    Superman Returns could not even appeal to its diehard fan and became a big box office flop. The story of this film could not meet the expectations of people, which was in their mind after watching earlier parts of this movie. The movie revolving around a love story was proved very much dull for the film.

    The Golden Compass

    The Golden Compass, based on His Dark authored by Philip Pullman, was directed by Chris Weitz and released in the theatres in the year 2007. It was, however, doing good business at the international box office but failed to be hit in America, and this affected the revenues of the film. The makers dropped the idea to launch its sequels and aired it in the form of TV series.

    John Carter

    The film was directed by Edgar Rice Burroughs and was a big box office flop even though the story was revolving around the characters who are on Mars. The main character John Carter has supernatural powers that are enticing to an extent but failed to convince the audience to sit in the theatres and watch this movie.

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    5 Villains Everyone Hates to Love

    Whenever we watch any movie or web series, we often get connected to lead roles and start liking them. The characters playing lead roles in the films or web series are featured with having high moral values fighting to save humanity and the people in distress, which really attracts us. On the contrary, villains are characterized as the evilest people on the earth, creating problems and damaging the lives of innocent people. However, there are some villains we all like a lot and can’t stop admiring and adoring them. The list of these villains is long who has stolen the heart of people and compelled them to respect them even though having malicious and spiteful intentions. Here are some villains who deserve appreciation for making their roles lively.

    5 Villains Everyone Hates to Love


    The character of Beetlejuice earned a great name and admiration of people all over the world. This character is a mix of fun and horror who always busy creating troubles for the family of Deetz. Despite being his spiteful nature, which could be seen in the movie, he is liked by the people. Beetlejuice is a very Crooke and rude ghost who does disgusting things such as invading in the personal space of people’s lives, spitting on his own clothes along with giving frightening gestures.


    Even though Predator is very much hideous and terrifying still, he loves to give a sporting chance to his prey. He has a wicked smile and used to wear masks along with having massive weapons to destroy the human race. He kills the people so he could keep their skull in his spaceship, but Predator is liked by the people for his malicious and evil intentions.

    The Outcasts(The Final)

    The villains termed as Outcasts are a group of people who became the victims of bullying and oppression by their school mates during the high school days. These victims are now all set to take revenge with the culprits who ruined their precious years by abusing them. When you see these villains in the movie, we feel sympathy for them. It is interesting to watch these victimized characters in this thriller movie. So, you can enjoy and even relate your college days with some incidents of this movie.


    The main, who is Dracula himself, has immense supernatural powers, and he is extremely physically active. He has some weaknesses also as he can’t bear holy water and hate crucifixes. He can transform other people into a vampire by biting them, and he is a threat to science and human existence. This villain has gained much popularity among the people.

    Hannibal Lecter

    This character has really won the heart of millions of people all over the world and so could be termed as highly infectious. He is one of the most enigmatic villains of the history of TV series. This character also has high-level mannerisms and upper-class characters. You will love to see this maroon eyed villain with serrated teeth who performs plastic surgery on his own face to terrify the people.

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    Where to Find Great Energetic Fish in “Dragon Ball Z”: Kakarot

    In “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot,” there are numerous facts and adventures for the players that attract them. Still, one of the most interesting tools of this game is “substories” or “subplots,” which makes the players have to face various challenges to finish the tasks. The game centers around retelling events of anime’s story of “Dragon Ball Z.”

    Where to Find Great Energetic Fish in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

    Gamers have to unveil the sub-plot of the specific story through the “Turtle” known as “Tough Break for Turtle” in the wake of the game’s first section that is between “Frieza Saga,” and “Vegeta Saga.” If the player wants to finish the sub-story, he has to gather three important elements for his sub-story “Turtle”: “Egg,” “Royal Tomato,” and “Rice.”

    How to Find “Royal Tomato”

     “Royal Tomato” is one of the hardest to find items in “Kakarot.” Getting Tomato is as similar as winning a match from the opponents as “Royal Tomato” itself needs its sub-challenges to complete. In the game, the farmer desires to sell his potatoes on for ten special “Energetic” fishes.

    Gamers might see a few of the energetic fishes somewhere in this game earlier, but they don’t have witnessed too many fishes. Despite these energetic fishes, finding eggs and rice is an easy task to complete as these items are easily searchable and accessible.

    Players can purchase these two items from any of the available vendors or shops. Gamers can farm “Zeni” throughout the game if they face a shortage of money.

    The search operation to find an energetic fish becomes easy when you know the trick to locate them. To find the fish, you have to head towards the available water bodies and then collect the charming “gold orbs.” There is a chance of having the “Energetic fish” inside the orb.

    If you see the overhead flying birds, then the chances of getting the fish will automatically rise higher. It’s the case if you find an energetic fish, but it becomes too tough if you don’t go through the area with water bodies.

    Searching “Great Energetic Fishes”

    “Dragon Ball Z” gives a chance to its players to search for the fishes fills with dynamic energy through the region of “Kame House” throughout the map. Players have to search for the village having a “Fishing” spot by navigating to the upper left-hand side edge of the game’s window where gamers have to target for catching these special fishes. It is recommended to the players to not worry about the fishing area and its related surrounding.

    There might be some people wandering around the fishing area and commenting about the energetic fishes as “stupid.” They would be there to give you some hints.

    Next, you have to locate the particular areas on which you can see various flying birds overhead. If you find such areas, then you should dive into the fishing lake or water body, then grab and gather available “gold orbs.” One could find one “energetic” fish from the specific orb.

    It will help if you gather at least ten “Energetic” fishes for finishing the game’s quest. In case you find yourself in no profit, then it is recommended to wait for at least thirty seconds to get it spawned again. You have to collect ten energetic fishes in your game’s inventory.

    After grabbing ten special “energetic fishes,” you have to move towards the farmer who sells the royal tomatoes by trading with fish. Now, collect the required amount of “Egg,” “Rice,” and “Royal Tomato” for the “Turtle.” Then you will finish the task, and this unlocks some items and XP features.

    Jeniffer Leio is a technical writer and her background is in engineering. She has been covering IT-related subjects like AI, Operating Systems, Latest Trends, Software, Cybersecurity, and Printer Support for a long time. She writes blogs, guides, white papers, and essays on several platforms. Her appreciated work mainly comes on Lexmark Printer Support.

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    Fifa 2020: Top Ten Players in Ultimate Team

    According to FIFA 20’s best playing order list, we are providing the best ten players among the top twenty as per the dramatically changed scenario after the arrival of the Team’s tag “Team Of the Year Cards” in January. It was noticed that the focus of the event was on the items of TOTW and their related Icons. Players like Maradona and Pele achieved the top space in the Team.

    Fifa 2020 Top Ten Players in Ultimate Team

    Here is the list of most preferred top ten players among top FIFA 20′ players, acquiring the best slots in the top order of the Team. These prices based on the “PS4” edition of the game providing interest and attracted millions of followers.

    1. “Lionel Messi” (Barcelona) with 99 OVR Ratings

    He is one of the best and most deserving players who play like magic. Fans expect more from him, and his moves, actions, and shots attract fans towards him. He is the 99 rated personality for various reasons like his accuracy in shot kicking, lengthy and short shots, perfection in free kicks, and the magical curve. The retail game price for this player is 4.7 million.

    1. “Virgil van Dijk” (Liverpool) with 99 OVR Ratings

    This Dutch Colossus got his name in the top order of FIFA 20′ fascinating Team as he is the first-ever “Defender” who got TOTY card with 99 ratings in January. This award is taken for the outstanding performance in the galaxy 2019 events. He is known for his shot power, reactions, attacking consciousness, composure, long and short passing, standing tackle, its powerful response, and jumping techniques. The game price for this player is more than three million (3.2 million).

    1. “Cristiano Ronaldo” (Calcio) with 99 OVR Ratings

    Ronaldo or “Rony” is one of the most powerful and attacking players with a gross rating of 99 as he receives the Team of the Year Card’s title for FIFA 20′. The retail game price for this player is 6.6 million. With the rating and game price, he became one of the highly-priced players in “FIFA 20.” His playing techniques are desirable for getting the top order place as his speed and dribbling power is dynamically rich.

    1. “Pele” (Icon) with 98 OVR Ratings

    He also got the title of “Team of the Year” Cards. He is known for his playing strengths like finishing, composure, passing actions, holding the game price of 6.3 million.

    1. “Kylian Mbappe” (Paris SG) with 98 OVR Ratings

    He is also known for quick sprinting techniques, the strength and acceleration, finishing, dribbling, stamina and positioning powers, and much more. The ratings are ball control – 98, vision- 95, and crossing strength- 93 with the player value of 5.7 million.

    1. “Kevin de Bruyne” (Manchester City) with 98 OVR Ratings

    Despite facing multiple injuries, one of the topmost midfielder of “Manchester City” goes unstoppable and slow. He has the game price of 2.9 million in FIFA 20′ and “TOTY” card. He is well deserved and known for various reasons like short and long passing, dribbling, vision, finishing, etc.

    1. “Diego Maradona” (Icon) with 97 OVR Ratings

    He plays with his feet as well as hands comfortably in “FIFA 20” as he is called “tiny talisman” of Argentina. He uses to play with his powerful fist for finishing move and known for multiple techniques like ball control, dribbling, perfection in free kicks. He has a retail game price of over three million (3.5 million).

    1. “Sadio Mane” (Liverpool) with 97 OVR Ratings

    This dynamic “TOTY” Cardholder holds the game price of thrilling 2.7 million with 99 pace strength. He has various strengths like dribbling 98, ball control 95, Short passing 96, and 99 for finishing.

    1. “Alisson” (Liverpool) with 97 OVR Ratings

    He is one of Liverpool’s best players holding “TOTY” Card’s title and holds 430,000 coins with various techniques like handling, kicking, reflexes, and positioning.

    1. “N’ Golo Kante” (Chelsea) with 97 OVR Ratings

    This cardholder is known as Chelsea’s midfield machine for all techniques, priced more than two million (2.4 million) having dynamic defensive techniques and consciousness with slide tackling, composure, and ball holding actions.

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    Playstation 4 Games Launching in 2020

    “PlayStation4” is an upgraded version of the “PlayStation 3” gaming console developed by “Sony.” With increasing interest in video games, the gaming industry is making all its efforts to provide the best games to the gamers. After launching of “PlayStation 4,” the gaming industry becomes immense and enlarged that they are planning for new something bigger.

    Playstation 4 Games Launching in 2020

    “PlayStation 4” provides various interesting and impressive games with the latest generation and according to the recent trends that allow players to play with more powerful characters and roles. This new generation of gaming consoles allows gamers to explore better than before. The appearances and buildups are looking more appealing and charming. In the first instance, it may look ordinary, but one can experience its inner charm and spectacular form through this console.

    You will find launch titles dynamically great, and at a primary look, it might appear as “first tries”, and it also shows you the console’s capabilities and strengths.

    We are going to talk about the most popular launch games- “Killzone”: “Shadow Fall” and the “Knack,” that will hold up in 2020.

    “Killzone”: Shadow Fall and Its Acquired Specs

    The “Shadow Fall” appears very impressive game based on today’s generation. It appears as a “Tech” demo, that enlarged in the form of a complete game. In this game, you will find all the characters and roles nicely finished, well crafted with full of action and adventures. Some of its sections provide an incredible experience just like “Far Cry” with acquiring half expanded structures than appears into some of the ordinary shooters.

    The aesthetical far-ranging features and techniques have no more qualities for the games to adjust to nail down. Still, various compelling and latest futuristic, destroying weapons and tools attract the sight of games to the game to get enjoyed. The destroying arsenal and furious techniques of the game delight gamers to continue the game apart from various interesting scenes and games surroundings, but it can’t compare the most destroying and thrilling game related to modern warfare. The games of modern warfare hold new and upgraded weapons for its users and gamers to be connected to the game.

    However, the “Shadow Fall” has a shortage of various varieties of modern warfare, but it doesn’t mean that it loses the experience and attracting qualities.

    The scattered foes by the “Helghast enemies” throughout various levels of “Killzone” doesn’t make it more impressive game but it presents one of the most deserved game enemy role play. The overall gaming sections regulate the intimidation, viewing the success of the “Shadow Fall” in the particular portrayal.

    The “Helghast” storyline adds the franchised additional layer to the game that makes it a great. However, it doesn’t provide the best game foe, but it simply delivers the good. The protagonist of the game doesn’t offer many interesting tasks while the cast members perform well in the game. Although the complete narrative is not too worse, all other related characters play a good role in the game’s team.

    Gamers are expecting more interesting features in the game, but one matter is disappointing them by not bringing any “Killzone” game in the past six years.

    In the “Horizon: Zero Dawn 2” there is a Guerrilla who is working on that particular game, and it is predicted that there will be no more games in the coming future.

    The “Killzone: Shadow Fall” works well when it introduced. However, this game hasn’t multiple audiences attracting qualities in the ground of the “shooter” game. Besides these things, it marks and stands as a game that is still working something better than other shooter games that launched still today.

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    How to Fix Battle.net Error in Windows 10?

    Battle.net error is common nowadays as it appears due to incompatible drivers, third-party apps, and more. If you are facing it, then don’t worry. All you need to do is check out the underneath methods. With the given solutions, you will surely solve the Battle.net issue conveniently. So, make sure to follow the steps accordingly and enjoy the game in leisure time.

    Battle.net Error in Windows 10

    To resolve such error, the solution is quite simple as users just need to do, restart the Windows operating system. This is one of the potential methods that work in eradicating the error by resetting the Agent process to fix a few discrepancies. Upon startup, the procedure might initiate downloading and installing the required data and game updates. To reboot the Windows 10 system, click on the Start icon, and then choose the Power button. After that, tap on Restart from the following options.

    Method 1: Turn off Background Programs

    There are some programs that may stop the Battle.net launcher on your device. So, it is highly recommended to turn off running background applications if possible. Here are the following instructions and learn how to disable background programs conveniently.

    • First and foremost, press Win + R hotkeys together on your console.
    • Insert “msconfig” into the required box.
    • On the succeeding pane, go to the General tab.
    • Now, click on the Selective Startup button.
    • After that, tap to uncheck the “Load Startup items” box.
    • Switch to the Service tab.
    • Next, check the box stating, “Hide all Microsoft Services.”
    • At last, press the Disable all button.
    • Then click Ok to apply the changes.

    Method 2: Run the Battle.net Launcher as Admin

    Due to the lack of administrative privileges, such type of error is quite reasonable to appear on your Windows PC. That’s why users need to try launching the Battle.net as Admin. Here is how to do it:

    • Find your way to the “C:\Program Files\Battle.net.”
    • On the following page, right-tap on the “Battle.net launcher.exe” file.
    • Choose the Properties from the available options.
    • On the succeeding pane, click on the Compatibility tab.
    • Now, Check the “Run this program as an Administrator” box.
    • Finally, tap on the Ok button and confirm the changes.

    Method 3: Disable Third-party Antivirus Temporarily

    Most of the time, the third-party antivirus creates hassles with the gaming software and results in such as Battle.net error message. In case your operating system also posses similar issues, then it is better to disable the antivirus on a temporary basis. Here is how you can do it without making too much effort.

    • Go to the Start Menu button.
    • Tap on the Search bar and type Control Panel into the box.
    • On the Control Panel window, click on the Apps and Features.
    • Now, choose the Uninstall or Remove programs.
    • From the following installed program list, tap on the best match.
    • Follow the remaining instructions and uninstall the software accordingly.

    Method 4: Update the Windows System

    Due to the outdated or incompatible system, drivers can create such Battle.net error on your device. So, it is better to keep your Windows system up to date. For that, check out the listed points and learn by way you can update your outdated drivers easily.

    • Tap on Win + I hotkeys on your console.
    • On the Windows Settings, click on the Update and Security section.
    • Now, move to the right tab and choose to check for updates.
    • If there is any update available, select the Download button.
    • Lastly, wait until the update download and installs on your system.
    • Once done, reboot your Windows PC.

    Method 5: Check Windows Secondary Logon Functionality

    Pursue the following steps to know how users can enable the “Windows Secondary Logon” service on Windows PC.

    • To begin with, click the Win + R button to open the Run Dialog box.
    • Write “services.msc” in the text area.
    • Tap, Ok, and continue.
    • On the following page, scroll down and search for Secondary Logon.
    • Double-tap on the best match and proceed.
    • Press on the Dropdown menu and choose Automatic option.
    • If the service is not running, then tap on Stat and activate it.
    • Hit on Apply.
    • Then choose Ok to save the changes.
    • Now, close the running programs and restart your system.

    Method 6: Reinstall the Agent

    In case the system applications are not working properly, then it is better to make a fresh install. Especially if your system is suffering from such type of error, then it recommended to forcefully reinstall the Agent to eradicate the hassles in no time. To reinstall the Agent, users need to do is:

    • Firstly, close the Battle.net launcher on your system if it’s open.
    • Look for the Tool folder and right-click on it.
    • Choose the Delete option and remove it.
    • Now, open the battle.net app.

    With this, the procedure would forcefully reinstall the Agent automatically. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem that you are facing on your Windows operating system.

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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Guide to Boulder Locations

    In the game “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot,” there are few trophies that are pushing gamers to the edge of madness. One of the trophies is known as the Demolition Artist Trophy, including wiping out ten boulders, which are stopping players from entering the caves in the game. Besides that, some players don’t know where to look, then don’t worry. Here are the tricks that you need to consider in order to accomplish the challenge conveniently.

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Destroying the Boulders

    There are some keys required to attain the trophy in the game. For that, gamers will need to complete the story as to make their path clear for every boulder in the free-roam mode. After that, players are also required to find their way towards Minerals Deposits that are marked already on the map.

    Most importantly, you should check all the mineral deposits as not every one of them will be blocked. Once located, gamers will desire to reach up to the boulder and then give a severe hit to destroy it.  Note, the boulders do not respawn which means players will have to locate each of them and then destroy accordingly.

    Moreover, if you are a beginner, then finish the story and reach at least 60 levels to destroy all of the boulders. Otherwise, you will end up losing the rewards, i.e., trophies. Also, gamers will need to utilize Ki Sense to reach the caves in the blink of an eye.

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Goku’s House (Location One) 

    In the game, gamers will find the first four boulders near Goku’s House present in the Southeast Mountains Area. Boulders are hiding a Mineral Deposit, which you can spot on your map showing the mineral deposit logo.

    You can spot the first one beside a waterfall, and the second one is roaming near the black meteorite that you can easily found between two trees on the marked location. The third boulders are also near the black meteorite and present within the trees cluster. At last, move to the right side as the final one is hidden behind the trees cluster as well.

    Make sure to remember that every boulder location is marked with a mineral deposit. In case, you will not locate a boulder on the marked area, then head over to the next place and avoid using Super Saiyan mode in frustration.

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Olive Village (Location Two)

    After destroying the first four boulders in the location, “Goku’s House,” find your way to the second one, i.e., Olive Village present in the East of Ravine Area. Similarly, the location of the boulders will be marked again on your map with a Mineral Deposit Logo.

    On the map, you will notice a river runs in this location. On the map, you will see an Enemy Base Logo near South-north part of the river and that where a Mineral Deposit lies. Head straight to the location as mentioned and get your first boulder. For the next one, head over to the Fishing marker, as you can see on your map.

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Nam’s Village (Location Three)

    In the game, gamers will find the three boulders in the Nam’s Village preset near the Great West Desert Area. To get the first boulder, players will need to head towards east of the western side Villainous Enemies marker as it is marked with a Mineral Deposit logo. Players should use the fly move to reach over there and eliminate the boulder with a good hit.

    Another boulder is present near the western-east part of the Dragon Ball Location marker as it is marked with a Mineral Deposit logo as well. In order to find the final boulder in this location, you need to move in the southern-eastern part of the Villainous Enemies marker area. This is the final Mineral Deposit logo, where players can get boulder with a good punch.

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Kodaiho Lands (Final Location)

    To find the final boulder, players should travel to the Continent center area with the Kodaiho lands in the Southeast region. Once you have arrived at the location, go to the Time Attack Marker as it is a Mineral Deposit logo.

    After destroying the ten boulders in the game ” Dragon Ball Z Kakarot,” gamers will call themselves the Demolition Artists as they will have the trophy to prove it.

    Jeniffer Leio is a technical writer and her background is in engineering. She has been covering IT-related subjects like AI, Operating Systems, Latest Trends, Software, Cybersecurity, and Printer Support for a long time. She writes blogs, guides, white papers, and essays on several platforms. Her appreciated work mainly comes on brother printer support.

    Source: https://truedirectory.co.uk/blog/dragon-ball-z-kakarot-guide-to-boulder-locations/

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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Update 1.13 Patch Notes

    Infinity Ward has launched the major v1.13 update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It includes five additional multiplayer loadouts, adding up a new weapon, i.e., Crossbow, nerfs, Capture the Flag, buffs for some guns, and more. Since Mid-December patches, this new January update is one of the most prominent COD patches in a while.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.13 Patch Notes

    Since then, the developers have released several minor playlist updates and patches. It takes up 18.4 GB of space on Xbox One, 48 GB on PC, and 13.2 GB on PS4. So, gamers who haven’t downloaded Modern Warfare yet should wait for a while before being able to access it. Besides that, here is the complete breakdown of everything that this update offered below, involving the official patch notes.

    Modern Warfare: New Crossbow Weapon

    In the update v1.13, the “one-hit-kill” Crossbow weapon, free to every user on all three platforms. Gamers will need to earn the gun as it can only be attained by accomplishing the particular in-game mission. If you want such a fascinating weapon, then complete “Eliminate five times in 25 different battles using a Marksman Rifle along with a Reflex Optic.”

    In the game, there are three types of Marksman Rifles present such as EBR-14, MK2 Carbine and Kar98k. Each of the guns is good enough to attain five kills in 25 different battles, but Kar98k and MK2 Carbine are most likely viable that the EBR 14 gun. Other than that, the Crossbow can be customized heavily like every other weapon with attachments utilizing the Gunsmith feature. Here are the eight accessories that Crossbow supports:

    1. Perk
    2. Cable (Muzzle normally)
    3. Bolt (Ammunition normally)
    4. Arms (Barrel usually)
    5. Under barrel
    6. Laser
    7. Stock
    8. Optic

    Modern Warfare: Weapon Balancing

    As expected, the v1.13 update offers some gun tuning adjustment to improvise the weapon balancing in multiplayer. Overall, the developers have made six significant changes. The Marksman MK2 Carbine rifle’s bullet penetration was enhanced, while the FN Scar-17 horizontal recoil of initial bullets was reduced.

    The Ram-7 assault rifle, accessible using the Season 1 Battle Pass, enhanced its magazine capacity from 45 to 50. The M4A1 ‘OG’ Blueprint was twisted that made the gamer’s eye move forward when aiming down sights. So, it avoids less of the line of vision.

    Modern Warfare: What Else is New?

    Apart from the updates mentioned above, the latest patch also involved numerous other noteworthy points, like Shoot House 24×7 and Captured the Flag. Gamers can now create up to 10 classes with the latest five additional multiplayer loadouts. Developers have also made some changes in the trophies as well. To know more, check out the listed patch notes that you can access easily on the COD Modern Warfare game.

    Field Upgrades:

    • Solved an issue where utilizing an empty C4 slot with power rounds would be the reason behind the C4 detonator appearance before reloading.
    • Troubleshoot for “Stopping Power Rounds” as it is not applying the appropriate amount of damage to headshots.
    • Solved an error that permits the Recon Drone to reach into geo when C4 was sent onto it.
    • Solved an issue that allows gamers to reach unintentional locations while using the Weapon drop filed upgrade.


    • Solved a bug that permits the Cruise Missile to eliminate gamers while out of coverage area on Shipment.
    • Trophy System:
    • Enhanced protection radius.
    • Solved a bug where the effects and explosion damage would not trigger the 3rd explosion.
    • Reduced the damage and the radius taken by trophy explosions.

    Call of Duty League:

    • Headshot multiplayer damage has been fastened as headshots and torso are now on the same page.
    • Domination: Make sure to neutralized flags before capturing them again.
    • Reduced charge time and eliminated lightweight boost on Dead Silence.
    • Reduced charge time in the trophy system.


    • Modified the stats are shown for stocks with other attachments consistently.
    • Solved an issue where the Laser 1mW would not show equipped on the pistol 1911 in Gunsmith Menu.
    • Enhancing of the MK2 Carbine bullets penetration.
    • Modifying the RAM-7 extended magazine capacity from 45 to 50.
    • On the initial bullets, modifying the FN Scar-17 with less horizontal recoil.


    • Solved an issue on the Support Hello with the sound effects.
    • Battle Pass UI tweaked parts to get the best support on higher Aspect Ratios.
    • Numerous fixes to improvise stability and prevent crashes.

    Call of Duty Caster:

    • Temporarily removed the Data view feature.
    • Enhanced the readability of the nameplate and killfeed colors.
    • Enhanced the quality of the Aerial Camera shown above the gamers with a colored arrows sign.
    • Eliminated minimap frame along with outside map background.
    • Solved an error that could provide gamers invincibility.
    • Solved a graphical issues that could arise on Ground War Maps
    • Modified the Obituary to eliminate the outdated items first.

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    Source: https://directoryboom.co.uk/blog/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-update-1-13-patch-notes/

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    CSS of Fire Stick Created By Tvsticksupport.com

    Amazon Fire Stick is a compact device and easy to use enables HDTV to stream online media over Wi-Fi as Prime Videos, Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Kodi and much more. Fire Stick allows sharing screens from your smartphones to...Read more
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    Metro Exodus: Guide to Every Upgrade and Side Missions

    There are plenty of Metro Exodus map areas in its latest open-world levels. Most of the game’s best gear and moments are present in the odd corners of the Taiga, Caspian and Volga areas. Because gamers have to explore and utilize their binocular to spot points of interest. However, it is surprisingly convenient to miss some things, and no one realized when they walk past an item. In case you want to attain all the things and experience altogether, then scroll down and check out the guide to learn about every upgrade and side missions.

    Metro Exodus Guide to Every Upgrade and Side Missions

    Metro Exodus: Use the Binoculars –

    Before you go anywhere in the game, here are the quick and efficient tips, “utilize your binoculars to look around daily.” A pair of binoculars will be available after meeting the Krest, an engineer, on the crane to find at some locations he calls out. Any location worth visiting will create a clicking sound as a user looks over it.

    In case a gamer holds that position and zoon in, one should hear a whir and spot a map icon pop up, showing a location has been marked on the map. Moreover, if there is no clicking sound and icon, then try zooming out and in. After that, you will need to move around nearby as it worth to see and discover new different places.

    Metro Exodus: What do the icons mean?

    In the game, four icons are present on the Metro Exodus map represents:

    • Next main objective (Big White Cross).
    • A safe house with a bed to change day time and workbench to craft (a Green Building).
    • Indicated Enemies (Red Hazard Skull and Bones).
    • Unknown (Question Mark).

    Metro Exodus: Upgrades and Gadgets –

    1.  Sniper Compass and Scope:

    Players will locate a crashed plane in the Volga with a sniper scope and compass, which will help to find your upcoming objective.

    2.  Kalash Rifle Upgrades:

    In the Volga, there is a small outpost in which one will easily locate a few good early Kalash rifle upgrades in order to enhance the stability and damage. Some ruined structures are simply beams and pillars.

    Search for a few shipping crates and ramps, which will take users up near one of the beams. Now, follow the beam around to get a ladder and outpost in the game. At last, you will locate a Kalash long barrel, heavy stock, and compensator for an accuracy boost along with massive damage.

    3.  Tsar Fish room key and Ammo Pouches Upgrade:

    Some prisoners present in the Volga location that users can release who will offer a key to unlock the room where you can get the night vision goggles. Also, there are ammo pouches upstairs, which will let you bring more bullets.

    4.  Night Vision Goggles: 

    As mentioned earlier, players will need to rescue prisoners and unlock the room to get the night vision goggles. However, gamers can also avail it by accomplishing the mission, i.e., eliminate the Tsar Fish.

    5.  Gas mask upgrades: 

    In the game, you will find a small shack full of spiders and fungus, where the Extended filter available. Well, it is an upgrade that will help to use your gas mark filters for a longer time.

    6.  Throwable ammo Upgrade:

    In the Volga, there are some bandits that you need to eliminate. After that, make sure to explore inside to get the throwing weapon harness that will let to carry more grenades, knives, and Molotov cocktails.

    7.  Metal Detector:

    In order to locate resources, you need to use the metal detector and equip it to the bracer. Thereafter, search for a broken down crane, and it will be available in front of a small rusted house. Try to break the lock off and get access accordingly.

    8.  6x Sniper Scope: 

    As a part of the primary mission, gamers have to visit the crane and will probably be troubled by the sniper on your way. Try to locate sniper’s weapon when you eliminate him as there’s a 6x sniper scope for you to utilize.

    9.  Motion Tracker, Slave Rescue, and Gatling gun:

    In the Caspian area, there is a shipwreck where you need to visit and gather necessary gear and upgrades. First of all, one can attain a Gatling gun in case they missed to pick up in Yamantau. Secondly, the ship is basically utilized by slavers, and if a user eliminates them and set the slaves free without hurting them, then it might benefit you later on the game. Finally, look for a motion tracker on the top side and place it on the bracer.

    10.  Extra Bright Light: 

    There is some booby trap set in some safe house, especially tripwire grenades. In any case, gamers will able to get in without activating any trap, and then one can access extra bright light to see broader and further in the dark. Make sure to use it wisely as it consumes the battery faster.

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