• Last Runoffs?

    Last Runoffs?

    A member since 1977, I've never driven a car in any competitive event.  I've worked timing and scoring on occasion, had close friends in all specialities, joined a early 80s factory IMSA GTU team and worked for a major speedway.  Street ride is a 15-year old SUV.  What am I?

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  • Runoffs 2015

    Runoffs 2015

    Hey guys, this is my 2nd time at the run offs and first time to Daytona.  Where do I start?  Well the solo 36 hour drive from Vegas was well worth it to drive at such a prestigious and epic track. The staff have been...Read more
  • Whitney Strickland


    My wife and I gave ourselves the competition driving school for our 10th anniversary in 2013. We had planned on getting a Porshce for the GT class since I had done some Porsche Club events, but when taking the class we rented...Read more
  • The Diaz Brothers

    The Diaz Brothers

    My brother Carlos and I first hit the banks of Daytona in the late 70's aboard a Ford Pinto we built in our Aunt's house with a Dick Reed (Ford's guru) engine. We raced in the Imsa Champion Spark Plug Challenge Series....Read more
  • To the Runofffs for First Time.

    To the Runofffs for First Time.

    This will be one of those experiences that lasts a life time and if I choose to end my racing career in 2015, I will have had the pleasure of racing the SCCA Crown Jewel at Daytona.

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  • Tell me your Runoffs stories

    Tell me your Runoffs stories

    Help me help you tell your Runoffs stories!

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  • Patrick C Cammack

    Autocross Class

    2015 Ford Fiesta ST, HS ? Really?

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  • The GT Academy Experience

    The GT Academy Experience

    I was born into an SCCA family. I’m a third-generation member and racer. My grandfather and grandmother were involved for many years as members of the South Jersey Region. I was one month old when I attended my first SCCA...Read more
  • Majors Racing from a Worker’s Perspective

    Majors Racing from a Worker’s Perspective

    I wasn’t new to SCCA; I wasn’t new to volunteering at SCCA events; I was new to volunteering at road races. But, when I got the invitation to help out at an SCCA Majors event at GingerMan Raceway, I happily agreed. What could...Read more
  • Numbers and classes?

    Numbers and classes?

    Are your numbers and class designations in compliance?

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