• Allan Kintz

    Reddit users join us on /r/SCCA!

    If we have any SCCA people that are Reddit users, there's a sub for that! I'm trying to help build the community over on /r/SCCA for SCCA redditors. We'd love to have some users and conversaion! If you don't know what...Read more
  • Jon engelhart

    2016 Run offs

    Great racing today. Congadulations to everyone who is participating. This racing should be on national television.  ...Read more
  • Paul A Morrison

    Looking for response

    I have been trying to have FA driven by Sedat Lee Yelkin number change to 22. So far I have left messages at club racing but have had no response. Paul Morrison...Read more
  • McElroy

    NER solos

    Testing out the blog stuff...Read more
  • Mark Peyser

    Paddock area at Run Offs

    Hi Tom, Just wondering where you are paddocked at run-offs? Mark - SRF 04...Read more
  • Stephen W.

    Scca in my town

  • Targa Southland 2016

    Targa Southland 2016

    Rehash of the 2016 Targa Southland from Team Junk In The Frunk. 

    ...Read more
  • Lon Miller

    Roll Bar Question

    I am 6'4" and race a SRF.  In reading the GCR it says the helmet must be 2" below the roll bar but it also says something about drawing a line from the top of the roll bar to the front structure and the helmet must be 2"...Read more
  • Brent D Garven

    SCCA Renewal

    Amazing with the Computer technoloy for race cars that you can't renew a membership on line - 2 nd time in 4 years I keep getting a new number starting over from about 1994/5 all the time -- SCCA needs to hire a computer...Read more
  • Mauro B.

    Info on old SCCA race records

    Hi all somebody can tell me if there is a database of old SCCA race records? I am looking about infos on a canadian race driver, Paul Edwards, that in the late seventies/early eighties did some SCCA races with a Lola T70...Read more